Who Speaks for Hispanics?

Hispanic Interest Groups in Washington

By Deirdre Martinez

Subjects: Hispanic Studies, Public Policy, Education, Immigration
Paperback : 9780791493588, 185 pages, January 2010
Hardcover : 9780791493571, 185 pages, January 2009

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Table of contents

List of Figures
1. Introduction
2. The Actors
4. Education Reform Efforts
5. Goal Formation on Charter Schools
6. Goal Formation on Immigration Reform
7. Conclusion

Examines the policy stances of two major Hispanic interest groups.


Latinos, now the largest minority in the United States, have been described by the media as the "sleeping giant" of U. S. politics. They have a history of discrimination and the related problem of anti-immigrant sentiment and a lack of progress in the American school system. How do they respond to these challenges? Who leads this diverse community, and how do they make their voices heard in the policy-making process? This timely and informative book takes two issues—immigration and charter schools—and the two largest national Hispanic interest groups—National Council of La Raza and the League of United Latin American Citizens—and reveals the character and substance of the leaders in the Hispanic advocacy community.

Deirdre Martinez is Director of both the Fels Public Policy Internship and Penn in Washington Programs and a Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.


"…Deirdre Martinez's book … could not be more timely … Martinez's interviews provide an insightful and intimate look into the workings of two important policy organizations. " — National Political Science Review

"…will be of interest to those studying interest groups or Hispanic politics. " — CHOICE