Wildlife, Wild Death

Land Use and Survival in Eastern Africa

Edited by Rodger Yeager & Norman N. Miller

Subjects: Environmental Studies, Religion
Series: SUNY series in Environmental Public Policy
Paperback : 9780887061691, 173 pages, June 1986
Hardcover : 9780887061684, 173 pages, June 1986

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Table of contents

Figures and Tables


Preface and Acknowledgments


1. Land Use and Wildlife in Eastern African History: Creating a Policy Problem


The Traditional and Colonial Policy Milieus
The Tanzanian Experience
The Kenyan Experience
The Historical Legacy


2. Land Use and Wildlife in Modern Tanzania - Rodger Yeager


National Policy Influences
The Perspective of the Periphery
Wildlife and Land Use in Selected Localities


3. Land Use and Wildlife in Modern Kenya - Norman N. Miller


Wildlife and Kenya's Human Population
Economic and Equity Factors
The Wildlife Establishment and Kenyan Land Use
Wildlife and Land Use at Ground Level
The Critical Policy Issues
Conclusion: Policy System Constraints


4. Land-Use and Wildlife Policy in Perspective: Competing Demands and Uncertain Capacities


Overview: Linkage Problems in Wildlife and Land-Use Policy
The Kenyan Neglect of Periphery Agriculture
The Tanzanian Neglect of Land-Use Reform
Requirements for the Policy Process






This book examines the relationship between agricultural land use and wildlife protection in two eastern African countries—Kenya and Tanzania. Although both elements are vital to the societies and economies of these countries, environmentally sensitive land-use practices and effective wildlife management are seriously lacking in Kenya and Tanzania. Within the broader context of environmental public policy, the book traces the origins of these problems in the different policy experiences of the two countries and explores their current dimensions and magnitudes. It also recommends future research and policy reforms that must be undertaken if Kenya and Tanzania are to achieve their developmental goals while avoiding environmental disaster and the extinction of their endangered wild animals. Through its analysis, the book provides a better understanding of similar conflicts wherever they appear in a world of increasing competition among threatened life forms.

Rodger Yeager is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Graduate Program in Public Policy at West Virginia University. Norman N. Miller is Adjunct Professor in the Environmental Studies Program at Dartmouth College.


"Wildlife, Wild Death directly relates the crisis of wildlife to the crisis of agricultural production and makes explicit that any solution to the former depends upon a solution to the latter. This is the book's main thesis, and it is very well drawn. " — Michael F. Lofchie, Director of the African Studies Center