Women, the State, and Development

Edited by Sue Ellen M. Charlton, Jana Everett, and Kathleen Staudt

Subjects: Feminist
Paperback : 9780791400654, 248 pages, July 1989
Hardcover : 9780791400647, 248 pages, July 1989

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Table of contents


1. Women, the State, and Development
Sue Ellen M. Charlton, Jana Everett, and Kathleen Staudt

2. Female Welfare and Political Exclusion in Western European States
Sue Ellen M. Charlton

3. Women and the State in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
Sharon Wolchik

4. The State and Gender in Colonial Africa
Kathleen Staudt

5. Women and the State in Islamic West Africa
Barbara Callaway and Lucy Creevey

6. Gender and the State: Perspectives from Latin America
Susan C. Bourque

7. Subversive Mothers: The Women's Opposition to the Military Regime in Chile
Patricia M. Chuchryk

8. Incorporation versus Conflict: Lower Class Women, Collective Action, and the State in India
Jana Everett

9. Conclusion

Jana Everett, Kathleen Staudt, and Sue Ellen M. Charlton




This book reflects the most current scholarship on states, socioeconomic development, and feminist theory to emerge this decade. Addressed are issues such as the role of state policies and ideologies in defining gender differences, state influence over the boundaries between public and domestic spheres, state control over women's productive and reproductive lives, and the efforts of women to influence state policy.

Women, the State, and Development shows that state elites promote male domination as one way of maintaining social order when nation-states are created and strengthened, and that issues defined as male by the sexual division of labor are given priority in state policies that promote security and economic development such as foreign policy, international trade, agricultural development, and resource extraction. It analyzes these policies in terms of their impact on gender relations and also identifies ways in which women have responded.

Sue Ellen M. Charlton is Professor and Chair of Political Science at Colorado State University. Jana Everett is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Women's Studies at the University of Colorado, Denver. Kathleen Staudt is Associate Professor of Political Science and Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts, at the University of Texas, El Paso.


"This serves as an introduction to the relationship between women and the state, and women and development, for scholars who have not previously focused on these issues. The quality of the material is so high, however, that it significantly advances the current level of analysis as well." — Mary Ellen Fischer, Skidmore College