From Binghamton to the Battlefield Author Talk

April 16, 2023 @ 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Amy Truesdell will present her recently released book, "From Binghamton to the Battlefield - The Civil War Letters of Rollin B. Truesdell," at TidePool Bookshop. The book traces the experiences of her great-great-grandfather from the time he rushed from the family farm to answer President Lincoln’s call for volunteers in the wake of the attack on Fort Sumter, until he mustered out of the Union Army. A prolific letter writer, Rollin wrote with clarity and wit of what he saw and felt as a Union solider. Using the 100+ letters Rollin penned for his family as a guide, Truesdell will share the arc of Rollin’s experience as he transformed from eager raw recruit to war-weary, battle-tested veteran disillusioned by the unseemly political machinations of war yet steadfast in his commitment to victory for the North. She will sign copies of the book after her presentation.

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TidePool Bookshop, Worchester, MA

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