"The Enduring Legacy of John Jay" with Hon. Mark C. Dillon

June 09, 2022 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Hosted by the Historical Society of the NY Courts, the event will begin at 6 pm EST.

While many may be familiar with Founding Fathers such as Franklin, Hamilton, and Washington, they may not be as aware of the impact of America’s first Chief Justice of both the NY Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court John Jay. His influence on America’s jurisprudence is profound.

Following in the first Chief Justice’s footsteps, our present-day Chief Judge Janet DiFiore will give remarks remembering John Jay as Founding Father of our nation’s courts in this auspicious year of the NY Court of Appeals’ 175th anniversary.

This conversation moderated by Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt, retired NY Court of Appeals Associate Judge, with Hon. Mark CDillon, Appellate Division, Second Department Associate Justice, and Walter Stahr, Counsel for EMP Global, both John Jay biographers, dives into Jay’s jurisprudence in his critical role as founder of the nation’s legal system, as well as his role as diplomat and Governor. The program will also explore Jay as an abolitionist and family man.

Dillon is the author of The First Chief Justice: John Jay and the Struggle of a New Nation.

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