Mediaevalia Volume #43 (09/2022)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Medieval Unfreedoms in a Global Context
Elizabeth Casteen

“Servi Servorum Dei”: Serving the Religious in Early Medieval Europe
Lisa Kaaren Bailey

Servile Concubinage in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Bavaria
Samuel S. Sutherland

Were Concubines “Anti-Wives”? Revisiting the Biographical Narratives of Maria the Copt in Kitāb al-Ṭabaqāt al-Kubra and ʻInān in Kitāb al-Aghānī al-Kabīr
Karen Moukheiber

The Elbian Region as Predatory Landscape, 900–1200 CE: Enslavement, Slaughter, and Settler Colonialism
Lisa Wolverton

Written Not with Ink but with Tears: Byzantine Civilians in Bulgarian Captivity According to the Letters of Patriarch Nicholas I Mystikos (901–907, 912–925)
Yanko Hristov

Sudden Slaves of Avarice: Unfree Women and Warriors of Midimperial China
Don J. Wyatt

Performative Subjugation and the Invention of Race: The Danzas de Judios y Moros, Festivals, and Ceremonies in Late Medieval Iberia
Luis X. Morera