Palimpsest - Volume #1, Issue #2 (10/2012)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Black Male Feminism 101
T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting and Tiffany Ruby Patterson-Myers

Guest Editor's Introduction

Transforming Black Men In Feminism
David Ikard and Mark Anthony Neal


Yearning to Be What We Might Have Been: Queering Black Male Feminism
Eric Darnell Pritchard

Easier Said Than Done: Making Black Feminism Transformative for Black Men
David Ikard

Bruised and Misunderstood: Translating Black Feminist Acts in the Work of Tyler Perry
Nicole Hodges Persley

Feminism and the Streets: Urban Fiction and the Quest for Female Independence in the Era of Transactional Sexuality
Beauty Bragg and David Ikard

Finding Tea Cake: An Imagined Black Feminist Manhood
Mark Anthony Neal


Thug Life: Race, Gender, and the Meaning of Hip Hop by Michael Jefferies
Review by Regina Bradley

"Quaring" Black Manhood in Brother to Brother: A Film Review Essay
Review by Jenise Hudson

A Commentary

Hip hop Feminism and Failure
Michael Jefferies

Poetic License

After All That Happened
Conjuring Hyssop and Moving Once More
Houston A. Baker