Palimpsest - Volume #10, Issue #1 (06/2021)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction


“Betwixt and Between”: Juanita Harrison’s Black Internationalist Practice
Owen Walsh

Florence’s Place: Host(ess)ing Revolution in Interwar Black Paris
Marina Magloire

Naming Our Own and Claiming Black Womanhood: The Spelman College Protest of 1976
Richard D. Benson II

Não Identificado: Racial Ambiguity and the Sonic Blackness of Gal Costa
Edward R. Piñuelas

Literacies of the Flesh in Chris Abani’s Becoming Abigail
Abigail E. Celis

Traveling in Black Female Flesh: The Poetics of Relation in Black Femme Ethnographies
Zenzele Isoke

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