Palimpsest - Volume #10, Issue #2 (11/2021)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction

Guest Editors' Introduction: "We've Been Lovers on a Mission"
Stephanie Y. Evans


All Eyez on Me: On Being Black, Female, and a First-Gen Leader in the Academy
Carol E. Henderson

A Real-World Discourse on Intellectual Identity, Thought Leadership, and the Black Woman Academic Chair
Katherine Bankole-Medina

Naming Our Own and Claiming Black Womanhood: The Spelman College Protest of 1976
Richard D. Benson II

The Black Woman Chair in a Burning Building
Michelle R. Dunlap

Reflections of a Former Department Chair: A Path to University Service and Leadership Skills
Janice L. Sumler-Edmond

Chairing as Self-Care: Strategies for Combatting the Cultural Identity Taxation Trap for Black Women Chairs
Donna J. Nicol

Being One of the Chosen: Making Space for Students at the Table
Tara T. Green

The Job I Never Wanted Was Exactly What I Needed
Stephanie G. Adams

We Do Not Have to Be White or Men to Lead: Redefining and Assessing Black Women's Leadership
Theresa Ann Rajack-Talley

Further Reading on Black Women and Leadership