Palimpsest - Volume #2, Issue #2 (10/2013)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction
T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting and Tiffany Ruby Patterson-Myers

Guest Editor's Introduction: "As Queer as Hip Hop"
C. Riley Snorton


Hip Hop and the Black Ratchet Imagination
L. H. Stallings

Hip Hop Spice Boyz
Richard T. Rodríguez

Queer Hip Hop and its Dark Precursors
Tavia Nyong'o

Hip Hop, Pleasure, and its Fulfillment
Jayna Brown

Holler If You Can Hear Me
Sharon P. Holland

Trafficking in Monikers: Jay-Z's "Queer" Flow
Mark Anthony Neal

Imani Perry

Boyfriends with Clits and Girlfriends with Dicks: Hip Hop's Queer Future
Rinaldo Walcott


Referential Sights and Slights
C. Riley Snorton

Homolatent Masculinity & Hip Hop Culture
Moya Bailey

Fat Mutha: Hip Hop's Queer Corpulent Poetics
Mecca Jamilah Sullivan

"Put Some Bass in Your Walk": Notes on Queerness, Hip Hop, and the Spectacle of the Undoable
Scott Poulson-Bryant

Book Nook: Reviews

Elisa Joy White, Modernity, Freedom, and the African Diaspora: Dublin, New Orleans, Paris (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2012)
Review by Robert J. Topinka

Aliyyah I. Abdur-Rahman, Against the Closet: Black Political Longing and the Erotics of Race (Durham: Duke University Press, 2012)
Review by Emily A. Owens

Chandan Reddy, Freedom with Violence: Race, Sexuality, and the US State (Durham: Duke University Press, 2011)
Review by Kemi Adeyemi