Palimpsest - Volume #6, Issue #2 (12/2017)

Table of Contents

Guest Editors' Introduction: Palimpsests in the Life and Work of Octavia E. Butler
Moya Bailey and Ayana A. H. Jamieson


"But . . . There Are New Suns!"
Ruha Benjamin

How to Love Your Livestock: Negotiating Domestic Partnership in the Multispecies World of "Bloodchild"
Sophia Booth Magnone

The Dilemmas of Hope and History: Concrete Utopianism in Octavia E. Butler's Kindred
 Jinshu Guha-Majumda

Experience, Research, and Writing: Octavia E. Butler as the Author of Disability Literature
Sami Schalk

The Art of Engagement Forum, Part II

History vs. Historical Memory Rosie Douglas, Black Power on Campus, and the Canadian Color Conceit
Michael O. West