Palimpsest - Volume #8, Issue #1 (5/2019)

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Introduction: Enduring Encounters: Reflections on the Literary Works of Évelyne Trouillot
Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel


One Word at a Time: Sifting through Debris, Uncovering Memory
Marjorie Attignol Salvodon

Évelyne, Scenes, and Rosalie
Renée Larrier

History, Humanity, and the Literary Construction of Haiti in Évelyne Trouillot's Works
Jason Herbeck

The Lasting Impact of Fleeting Encounters in Évelyne Trouillot's Short Fiction
Nadève Ménard

The Affect and Aesthetics of Fear in Évelyne Trouillot's Novels
Régine Michelle Jean-Charles

Short Story

La Petite Valise
Évelyne Trouillot

The Little Suitcase
Évelyne Trouillot, Translated by Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel

Bibliography of Works Related to Trouillot Studies