Palimpsest - Volume #8, Issue #2 (11/2019)

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Introduction: On Pleasure and Death in Black Studies
Jennifer C. Nash


Arranging Flowers
James Bliss

Decomposing Bodies, Utopian Dreams: Joseph Beam, AIDS, and Black/ Queer Politics
Darius Bost


An Antidote to Antisociality: Root-Truths in the Spirit of Audre Lorde
Lyndon Gill

Improper Bodies: A Nihilistic Meditation on Sexuality, the Black Belly, and Sexual Difference
Calvin Warren

The Consummation of Critical Desire: Sally Hemings, Sexuality, and Black Feminist Political Imagination
Samantha Pinto

book reviews

Simone Browne, Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness
Justin Mann

LaMonda Stallings Horton, Funk the Erotic: Transaesthetics and Black Sexual Cultures
Kimberly Probolus