Palimpsest - Volume #9, Issue #1 (5/2020)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction


Black Male Feminism and the Evolution of Du Boisian Thought, 1903–1920
Nneka D. Dennie

Hermina Huiswoud, "Thyra Edwards," Women I Have Known Personally
Anne Donlon

The Remembering of Bones: Working through Trauma and the Counter-Archive in Edwidge Danticat's The Farming of Bones
Megan Feifer

Black Girls' Feistiness as Everyday Resistance in Toni Cade Bambara's Gorilla, My Love
Megan Feifer

From African Caribbean Pasts to Afro-Futures: Reimagining Resistance in Michelle Cliff 's Abeng
Maxine Montgomery

"A Hand Out Over the Water": Racial Terror, Black Maternal Loss, and Cross-Ethnic Passages of Reclamation
Channon S. Miller

book reviews

All Books Reviewed by the Palimpsest Editorial Collective
Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley, Ezili's Mirrors: Imagining Black Queer Genders

Imaobong Umoren, Race Women Internationalists: Activist Intellectuals and Global Freedom Struggles

Sami Schalk, Bodyminds Reimagined: (Dis)ability, Race, and Gender in Black Women's Speculative Fiction

Laila Amine, Postcolonial Paris: Fictions of Intimacy in the City of Light

Frances E. W. Harper, Iola Leroy; Or, Shadows Uplifted

Anne Garland Mahler, From the Tricontinental to the Global South: Race, Radicalism, and Transnational Solidarity

Claire Eldridge, From Empire to Exile: History and Memory within the Pied-noir and Harki Communities, 1962–2012