philoSOPHIA Volume #1, Issue #1 (1/2011)

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction
Elaine Miller and Emily Zakin


Little Hans's Little Sister
Kelly Oliver
"Violence Is not an Evil": Ambiguity and Violence in Simone de Beauvoir's Early Philosophical Writings
Ann V. Murphy
Mother-Daughter Relations and the Maternal in Irigaray and Chodorow
Alison Stone
Motherhood According to Kristeva: On Time and Matterin Plato and Kristeva
Fanny Söderbäck
Disaffiliations: Beauvoir and Gorz on Masculinity as Aging
Penelope Deutscher

Scholarly Dialogue

Jew-Greek Redux: Knowing What We Do Not Know: On Diane Perpich's The Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas
Claire Katz
What's God Got to Do with It?: A Response to Claire Katz
Diane Perpich

Book Reviews

Ellen Feder. Family Bonds: Genealogies of Race and Gender
Sarah Hansen
Noëlle McAfee. Democracy and the Political Unconscious
James Manos