philoSOPHIA Volume #2, Issue #1 (6/2012)

Table of Contents


Whiteness and the General Will: Diversity Work as Willful Work
Sara Ahmed

On the Need for a New Ethos of White Anti-Racism
Shannon Sullivan

Normalization and The Welfare State
Ladelle McWhorter

‘I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess': Becoming-Intersectional in Assemblage Theory
Jasbir K. Puar


Reflections on Pedagogy: A Symposium

Continental and Feminist Philosophical Pedagogies: Conditions
Sina Kramer

Where the "They" Lies: Feminist Reflection on Pedagogical Innovation
Andrea Janae Sholtz

How I Learned to Keep Worrying and Love Teaching the Canon
Andrew Dilts

Du Bois' ‘Afterthought' A Pedagogical Variant for Continental Philosophy
Hernando A. Estévez

From the "Gotcha!" to Immanent Critique
Holly Moore

Book Reviews

The Politics of Ourselves: Power Autonomy, and Gender in Contemporary Critical Theory by Amy Allen
Jana Sawicki

Women as Weapons of War by Kelly Oliver
Serene Khader

Assuming a Body: Transgender and Rhetoric's of Materiality by Gayle Salamon
Tamsin Lorraine

Natality and Finitude by Anne O'Byrne
Pascal Massie