philoSOPHIA Volume #2, Issue #2 (1/2013)

Table of Contents


Affect Attunement in the Caregiver-Infant Relationship and Across Species: Expanding the Ethical Scope of Eros
Cynthia Willett

So Close and Other Essays: On Hélène Cixous's Writing
Joana Masó

Oppression, Normative Violence, and Vulnerability: The Ambiguous Beauvoirian Legacy of Butler's Ethics
Lisa C. Knisely

Inheriting Identity and Practicing Transformation: The Time of Feminist Politics
Shannon Hoff


Sally Is a Block of Ice: Revis(it)ing the Figure of Woman in Philosophy
Robyn Ferrell

Scholarly Dialogue

Genealogies of Oppression A Response to Ladelle McWhorter's Racism and Sexual Oppression in Anglo America: A Genealogy
Chloë Taylor

Response to Chloë Taylor
Ladelle McWhorter

Book Reviews

Mary Beth Mader. Sleights of Reason: Norm, Bisexuality, Development
C. J. Davies

Sara Ahmed. The Promise of Happiness
Lisa Weems

Fanny Söderbäck. Feminist Readings of Antigone
Adriel M. Trott

Virginia Burris, Mark D. Jordan, and Karmen MacKendrick. Seducing Augustine: Bodies, Desires, Confessions
Anna Klossowska