philoSOPHIA Volume #4, Issue #1 (6/2014)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Birth?
Fanny Söderbäck

"A child has been born unto us": Arendt on Birth
Adriana Cavarero (Translated by Silvia Guslandi and Cosette Bruhns)

"An Equivocal Couple Overwhelmed by Life": A Phenomenological Analysis of Pregnancy
Sara Heinämaa

This Birth and That: Surrogacy and Stratified Motherhood in India
Amrita Pande

Negotiating Maternal Identity: Adrienne Rich's Legacy for Inquiry into the Political Philosophical Dimensions of Pregnancy and Childbirth
Candace Johnson

Making Fetal Persons: Fetal Homicide, Ultrasound, and the Normative Significance of Birth
Catherine Mills

Speculative Reproduction: Biotechnologies and Ecologies in Thick Time
Astrida Neimanis