philoSOPHIA Volume #4, Issue #2 (12/2014)

Table of Contents

Scholarly Dialogue on Tina Chanter's Work The Restless Ethics of a Radical Democrat

Antigone and Abjection: The Ethics and Politics of Restlessness
Rachel Jones

Chanter's Democratizing Philosophy
Moira Fradinger

Restless Affects and Democratic Doubts: A Response to Rachel Jones and Moira Fradinger
Tina Chanter

Works Cited


Toward a Queer Crip Feminist Politics of Food
Kim Q. Hall

The Second Sex as Appeal: The Ethical Dimension of Ambiguity
Christine Daigle

Short Cuts

Beyond Discipline: On the Status of Bodily Difference in Philosophy
Emily Anne Parker

Book Reviews

Kristin Bumiller. In an Abusive State: How Neoliberalism Appropriated the Feminist Movement Against Sexual Violence.
Jennifer Suchland

Catherine Malabou. Changing Difference: The Feminine and the Question of Philosophy
Adrian Johnston

Irina Aristarkhova. Hospitality of the Matrix: Philosophy, Biomedicine, and Culture
Abby Goode

Ewa Plonowska Ziarek. Feminist Aesthetics and the Politics of Modernism
Robin James

Allison Weir. Identities and Freedom: Feminist Theory between Power and Connection
Amy Allen

Alison Kafer. Feminist, Queer, Crip
Eunjung Kim