philoSOPHIA Volume #5, Issue #2 (1/2016)

Table of Contents


Introduction: Anthropocene Feminisms: Rethinking the Unthinkable
Claire Colebrook and Jami Weinstein

Naming the Anthropocene
Jill S. Schneiderman

Queer Coal: Genealogies in/of the Blood
Kathryn Yusoff

Toxic Progeny: The Plastisphere and Other Queer Futures
Heather Davis

Hyper-Abjects: Finitude, "Sustainability," and the Maternal Body in the Anthropocene
Bethany Doane

Mother Earth, Mother City: Abjection and the Anthropocene
Janell Watson

Gaia, Gender, and Sovereignty in the Anthropocene
Danielle Sands

Book Reviews

Timothy Morton, Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World
Claire Colebrook

Joanna Zylinska, Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene
Marietta Radomska

Elena Glasberg, Antarctica as Cultural Critique: The Gendered Politics of Scientific Exploration and Climate Change
Nicole Starosielski

Amy Villarejo, Ethereal Queer: Television, Historicity, Desire
Nguyen Tan Hoang

Annamarie Jagose, Orgasmology
Sam McBean

Louise Amoore, The Politics of Possibility: Risk and Security Beyond Probability
Lauren Martin

Paul Amar, The Security Archipelago: Human-Security States, Sexuality Politics, and the End of Neoliberalism
Rahul Rao

Emanuela Bianchi, The Feminine Symptom: Aleatory Matter in the Aristotelian Cosmos
Jessica Elbert Decker