SUNY series in Feminist Criticism and Theory

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Amending the Abject Body

Examines the implications and meanings of the makeover and aesthetic surgery industry in American popular culture.

Risking Difference

Looks at the dynamics of identification, envy, and idealization in fictional narratives by Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Sandra Cisneros, Toni Morrison, and others, as well as in nonfictional accounts of cross-race relations by white feminists and feminists of color.

Scenes of the Apple

Examines the rich and multiple meanings of food in women's writing.

Celluloid Nationalism and Other Melodramas

Explores issues of representation and rebellion in Mexican and Mexican American cinema.

From Girl to Woman

Examines the crucial role that coming-of-age narratives have played in American feminism.

White Women in Racialized Spaces

Explores the unique relationship between white women and racial Others in a wide variety of literary works.

The Lesbian Index

Adds historical and philosophical perspectives to current debates over whether lesbian identity is socially constructed or genetically based.

Femicidal Fears

Argues that contemporary female Gothic novels of death can, in fact, breathe new life into feminist debates about victimization, essentialism, agency, and the body.

Rebellious Hearts

Examines the full spectrum of women's participation in the social, economic, religious, and poetic debates surrounding the French Revolution.

Poetic Epistemologies

Through detailed readings and interviews, this book provides a valuable introduction to feminist language-poets and to some of the most compelling issues in contemporary poetry.

Psychoanalyses / Feminisms

Probes the complementary yet contested relations between psychoanalysis and feminism, emphasizing the plural nature of each.

Other Sexes

Explores alternatives to the gender binary in twentieth-century women's fiction.

The Perverse Gaze of Sympathy

Offers a new interpretation of “sympathy” as an instrument for investigating contemporary culture, gender, and visual technique.

Coming into Communion

Explores the lives and religious imaginations of colonial women and the contributions they made to colonial religious discourse.

The Sounds of Feminist Theory

Reads a wide range of contemporary feminist theorists to show how they invest in sound as a medium of critical thought.

Secret Journeys

Examines the subversive and constructive narrative of female journey in American literature, from the seventeenth century to the present.

Triangulated Visions

This broad-ranging collection, the first of its kind, gathers essays on the representation of women in recent German cinema, as well as recent interviews with German women filmmakers.

Eighteenth-Century Women Poets

This book shows how eighteenth-century women's literature redefined nation and culture in class and gendered terms.

Scheming Women

This book uses post structuralist, psychoanalytic, and feminist theories to read the poetry of Dickinson, Moore, H.D., and Rich.

Latin-American Women Writers

This book describes how Latin-American women writers of all classes, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, ironize masculinist, classicist, and racist cliches in their narratives.

Anxious Power

This book explains the conflicting feelings of anxiety and empowerment that women, historically excluded from masculine discourse, feel when they read and write, and it analyzes narrative strategies that ...

Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature and Society

"Only women and inferior men are difficult to deal with." — Confucius

Two thousand years after Confucius, the contributors to this book ask if Chinese women have succeeded in changing their status as ...

Gothic (Re)Visions

Gothic fiction usually has been perceived as the special province of women, an attraction often attributed to a thematics of woman-identified issues such as female sexuality, marriage, and childbirth. ...

Feminism, Bakhtin, and the Dialogic

Feminism, Bakhtin, and the Dialogic assembles thirteen essays on the intersection of Bakhtin's narrative theory, especially his concept of dialogism. The book explores the dimensions of using Bakhtin ...