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Theosophy across Boundaries

Offers a new approach to Theosophy that takes into account its global dimensions and its interaction with highly diverse cultural contexts.

Feminism's New Age

By Karlyn Crowley
Subjects: Philosophy

Explores the relationship between feminism and New Age Culture.

Modern and Global Ayurveda

A comprehensive overview of Ayurveda.

Dark Night, Early Dawn

Argues that philosophical reflection today must include the findings of depth psychology and the critical study of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Edgar Cayce in Context

Places the work of Edgar Cayce in historical context and assesses the validity of his “readings.”

The Cosmic Game

In this, his culminating work, the leading international figure in consciousness research masterfully synthesizes his vast findings, drawing not only upon psychedelic therapy and Holotropic Breathwork, ...

New Age Religion and Western Culture

Presents the first systematic analysis of the structure and beliefs of the New Age movement, and the historical emergence of "New Age" as a secularized version of Western esoteric traditions.

The Gods Have Landed

Edited by James R. Lewis
Subjects: Philosophy

This is a comprehensive account of the religious dimensions of the UFO/flying saucer experience.

Mysticism, Death and Dying

This book charts the borderline between the nocturnal side of mysticism and the luminous side of death and it illuminates their paradoxical affinities. Within a culture of both denial and despair, it ...

The Wilderness of Dreams

This interdisciplinary study of the religious dimensions of dreams shows how modern dream research supports and enriches our understanding of religiously meaningful dreams.

The Wilderness of Dreams does ...

Faith and Practice of Islam

Translations and analyses of three Persian Sufi texts, offering a perspective on Islam that is rarely met in modern works.

Perspectives on the New Age

This book begins with a comprehensive historical section that places the New Age within the context of its predecessor movements. It then focuses on specialized aspects of this subculture, from essays ...