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Perpetual Adolescence

Explores the arrested development of American culture.

Dreaming about the Divine

Explores the role of dreams in spiritual work.

Integral Psychology

A bold new view of the human psyche, integrating Eastern and Western approaches.

The Syndetic Paradigm

Offers a new theoretical paradigm that goes beyond the limitations of Freudian and Jungian psychological models.

Green Man, Earth Angel

Argues for a renewed vision of the cosmos based on the centrality of the human encounter with the sacred.

The Transcendent Function

By Jeffrey C. Miller
Foreword by Joan Chodorow
Subjects: Psychology

A close examination of the heart of Jung's theory of psychological growth and individuation.

Post-Jungian Criticism

Rereads Jung in light of contemporary theoretical concerns, and offers a variety of examples of post-Jungian literary and cultural criticism.

Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World

Presents an account of human development from a depth-psychological, transpersonal perspective.

Trials of the Visionary Mind

A comprehensive summary of the author's revolutionary approach to psychosis.

Transpersonal Psychology in Psychoanalytic Perspective

In this book, Michael Washburn provides a psychoanalytic foundation for transpersonal psychology. Using psychoanalytic theory, Washburn explains how ego development both prepares for and creates obstacles ...

Spiritualism and the Foundations of C. G. Jung's Psychology

By F. X. Charet
Subjects: Psychology

Charet uncovers some of the reasons why Jung's psychology finds itself living between science and religion. He demonstrates that Jung's early life was influenced by the experiences, beliefs, and ideas ...