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Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

After your project has been approved by our editorial board, please follow the four steps below to prepare your final manuscript; gather the necessary illustrations, permissions, and releases; and complete all required checklists and forms so that we can begin readying your project for production. We ask that you please submit all your materials at the same time. All materials must be submitted in order for your project to be prepared for and transmitted to production.

Step One - Obtain Necessary Permissions

Read the Permissions Guidelines (PDF) to determine whether or not you must secure permissions for your project. If permissions are necessary, begin securing them early using the appropriate SUNY Press form letters printed on your own letterhead.

Permissions Request (Word)
Contributor Release (Word)
Interview Release (PDF)
Picture Release (PDF)
Interior Artwork (Word)
Cover Artwork (Word)

Step Two - Prepare Your Manuscript

Read the Manuscript Guidelines (PDF) and Illustrations Guidelines (PDF) for formatting requirements. For more information, please read our Digital Art Guidelines (PDF). Then complete and return these three checklists to ensure that everything is in place.

Pre-Production Checklist (PDF)
Illustrations Checklist (Excel)
Cover Design Form (Word)

Step Three - Complete Sales and Marketing Forms

Complete these two forms for our sales and marketing departments. Both forms must be returned before your manuscript can enter production.

W-9 Tax Form (PDF)
Marketing Questionnaire (Word)

Step Four - Send Your Manuscript

When you have completed Steps One, Two, and Three, please send all the materials electronically to your editor so that they can begin preparing your project for production. Please wait until you have collected and completed all of the necessary materials (e.g., images, permissions, releases, and other required paperwork) before sending them with your final manuscript. We look forward to working with you as your manuscript moves into production!