A Legacy of Learning

A History of Western Education

By Edward J. Power

Subjects: Philosophy Of Education
Series: SUNY series, The Philosophy of Education
Paperback : 9780791406113, 400 pages, July 1991
Hardcover : 9780791406106, 400 pages, July 1991

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Table of contents


1. Life and Learning in Classical Greece

2. The Genesis of Educational Philosophy

3. The Hellenistic Age: Education for Cultural Transmission

4. Consolidating Educational Tradition in Rome

5. Christian Education: Competing Loyalty and Common Value

6. Medieval Education: Cultural Assimilation and Academic Order

7. The Great Renaissance and Educational Reappraisal

8. The Evolution of Education in Modern Europe

9. The Advent of Education in Colonial America

10. Education for Citizenship

11. A Record of Educational Accomplishment

12. Educational Purpose in a Democratic Society

13. Educational Policy in Twentieth-Century America


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A Legacy of Learning examines the principal periods in the history of European and American education, beginning in ancient Greece and ending in twentieth-century America. It is a superior textbook for courses in the history of western education, tightly organized to cover the territory while developing a strong central theme addressing the continuities of western educational experience. Special attention is given to philosophies of knowledge, the content of instruction, cultural evolution, and educational policy.

The history of education can be construed so broadly as to be unmanageable. Power's thoughtful organization and clear story-telling prose delineates and brings to life the watershed epochs in educational history.

Edward J. Power is Professor of Education in the School of Education at Boston College.