The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education, Third Edition

Expected to ship: 2023-07-01

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Fully revised, updated edition of the classic text with all new essays assessing the state of race and racial issues in US higher education today.


A crisis of immense magnitude persists in higher education in the United States. For this third edition of The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education, Kofi Lomotey and William A. Smith have gathered outstanding scholars in the field to address this dilemma on several levels. In thirteen original essays, contributors establish a framework for understanding the current crisis, provide historical perspective on the present, offer a stark overview of the day-to-day realities on campuses, and illustrate the role and impact of university leadership. With a foreword by Donald B. Pope-Davis and an afterword by Valerie Kinloch, as well as an introduction by the editors, the volume is provocative, up-to-date, and solution-driven, giving readers both a comprehensive analysis of the racial crisis in American higher education and ideas for addressing it.

Kofi Lomotey is Chancellor John Bardo and Deborah Bardo Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership at Western Carolina University. His many books include Justice for Black Students: Black Principals Matter and Handbook of Urban Education, Second Edition (coedited with H. Richard Milner IV). William A. Smith is Full Professor of Education, Culture, and Society and Full Professor in the Ethnic Studies Program at the University of Utah. He also serves as Chief Executive Administrator for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the Huntsman Mental Health Institute at the University of Utah.


"There is no more important topic in higher education than racism. Any book such as this one should not merely educate the reader about the challenges that are at hand. It should also stimulate action so that readers get involved in—to use the language of the late John Lewis—'good trouble.' The status quo cannot remain. If we take to heart what's written here, we have a guide for how to create good trouble in higher education." — William G. Tierney, author of Get Real: 49 Challenges Confronting Higher Education

"The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education has earned its lauded place among significant educational publications. Each edition has consistently provided rich case studies and rigorous analyses of current and emerging issues of race and racism impacting American higher education. Timely and instructive, the newest volume continues this pattern." — William T. Trent, coeditor of Condition or Process? Researching Race in Education

"If you want to know the best current thinking about race and racism in higher education—as a university administrator, professor, student, or concerned citizen—this is a book you must read." — James Joseph Scheurich, coeditor of Handbook of Research on Educational Leadership for Equity and Diversity