Sailing Against the Wind

African Americans and Women in U.S. Education

Edited by Kofi Lomotey

Subjects: African American Studies
Series: SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
Paperback : 9780791431924, 186 pages, January 1997
Hardcover : 9780791431917, 186 pages, January 1997

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Table of contents

Foreword by Tryphenia B. Peele and Michele Foster

I. Introduction

II. Multiculturalism Re-examined

1. What Does It Mean? Exploring the Myths of Multiculturalism
Natalie G. Adams

2. Race, Gender, and Class Oppression: The Role of Multicultural Education
Harriet Walker

3. Understanding Persons with Disabilities
Annette Jackson-Lowery

III. African American Students in Secondary Schools

4. Lisa's Quiet Fight: School Structure and African American Adolescent Females
Jill Harrison

5. Nonsynchrony at the Secondary Level: Impediments to the Pursuit of Higher Education
Janie Simmons

6. The Miseducation of African Americans in Public High Schools
Debbie Maddux

7. Cultural/Racial Diversity in the School: A Case Study in a High School English Class
Jeff Gagne

8. The Voices behind the Faces: What Listening to Students Can Teach Teachers
Amy M. Zganjar

IV. Women in Higher Education

9. Women in Higher Education?
Laura Davis

10. Sailing Against the Wind: African American Women, Higher Education, and Power
Gwendolyn E. Snearl

11. I Am Woman. Hear Me Roar . .. After Class . .. in the Hall: Institutional Satisfaction among Older Women Students: The Conflict between Research and Reality
Diane Sistrunk

V. African American Students in Higher Education

12. Black Students on White Campuses: Overcoming the Isolation
Sandy E. Aubert

13. African American Athletes at Predominantly White Universities
Janis Simms

14. Ethnic/Cultural Centers on Predominantly White Campuses: Are They Necessary?
Stuart Johnson

15. Black and White Athletes at Universities: Living in Two Different Worlds
Michael Garrett


About the Editor



Experienced American educators discuss the impact of social inequalities created by racism and sexism on the U. S. educational system.


Sailing Against the Wind addresses the issue of inequality in U. S. education. The book includes exemplary programs to show where educators are addressing problems of racial and gender inequity. The authors are experienced practitioners who work in the educational institutions that they describe and analyze. The consistent theme is that only through political opposition to the status quo and through a demand for social justice will the system change, will inequities be eliminated, and will existing power relationships in society be altered.

Kofi Lomotey is Chair and Professor in the Department of Administrative and Foundational Services in the College of Education at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He edited Going to School: The African-American Experience and (with Philip G. Altbach ) The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education, both published by SUNY Press.


"This book makes the issues 'live' in the descriptions of people closest to these issues. The writing is more straightforward than in many other books and provides concrete information for guiding the preparation of teachers and administrators at all levels of education. The focus on generating specific solutions to the problems identified in the chapters is a unique and valuable contribution to the literature. " — Betty Merchant, University of Illinois

"There are many books addressing diversity, race, class, and gender. The characteristic that distinguishes this book from others is that the book deals with African Americans and each chapter illustrates a particular aspect of the life of African Americans in some educational setting. Knowing about the experiences of African Americans will help to bring us to an understanding of how that group brings rare and precious attributes to our society and to our educational institutions. " — Flora Ida Ortiz, University of California, Riverside