SUNY series, Frontiers in Education

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Earnings from Learning

Documents the rise of for-profit education as a dynamic and powerful force in higher education.

Governance and the Public Good

Grapples with a variety of policy issues in order to provoke a discussion of the state of higher education in the 21st century.

Expanding Opportunity in Higher Education

Reports on the challenges facing California and the nation in providing access to higher education during a time of demographic change.

Burning Down the House

A riveting analysis of the struggle to eliminate affirmative action at the University of California.

Preparing for College

Analyzes and defines the parameters of effective college outreach programs.

Mixed Race Students in College

Portrays the diverse experiences and identities of mixed race college students.

Increasing Access to College

Focuses on pre-college enrichment programs as a solution to the problem of minority and low-income student access to postsecondary education.

The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education

A revised edition of the classic text, illuminating the linkages between race and higher education.

The Quest for Equity in Higher Education

A critical examination of current sociopolitical issues surrounding equity and diversity and their impact on higher education.

Women Administrators in Higher Education

Shows the tenacious spirit and hard work of women administrators in their struggles to enhance opportunities for women on college campuses.

Faculty Work in Schools of Education

A full-bodied, robust discussion of issues of concern to faculty in schools of education.

Transnational Competence

Offers the definitive study of United States-Japan educational exchange relationship.

Educational Knowledge

An examination of educational reform and change throughout the world, focusing on how issues of power and governance within states affect school practice and policy-making.

Community Colleges as Cultural Texts

Questions whether, and how, community colleges confront the challenges of diversity and provide real opportunities for upward mobility.

Grass Roots and Glass Ceilings

African American university and college presidents, vice presidents, and deans offer firsthand reflections on their encounters with racism in higher education and the strategies they use to overcome obstacles they face.

The Academic Kitchen

Presents a social history of gender stratification at the University of California at Berkeley through a combination of organizational theory and biography.

Capitalizing Knowledge

Examines current trends toward increasing links between industry and academia and the resulting commercialization of universities as they seek to capitalize their research.


With a focus on educational computing, this book examines how technological practices align with or subvert existing forms of dominance. Examines the important question: Is the enormous financial investment school districts are making in computing technology a good idea?

The Curriculum

This new edition of the classic text extends the scope of critically-oriented work in curriculum studies.

Managed Professionals

Focuses on the ongoing negotiations of professional autonomy and managerial discretion and provides insight into the broad restructuring of faculty, with conclusions that extend beyond unionized faculty to all of academe.

Conversations with Educational Leaders

Educational leaders speak out in their own words--stimulating, accessible, provocative--on contemporary and controversial topics that range from differing attitudes on diversity to the debate over character education to arguments about education reform.

The Challenge of Eastern Asian Education

Provides specific examples of Asian educational practice that may have relevance to the United States.

Sailing Against the Wind

Experienced American educators discuss the impact of social inequalities created by racism and sexism on the U. S. educational system.

Promotion and Tenure

Articulates salient problems of tenure-track faculty, especially women and faculty of color. Offers a new paradigm to delineate ways in which the academic community can help socialize younger faculty, and honor differences more readily.

Ethnic Studies and Multiculturalism

Provides an overview of ethnicity and intergroup relations, profiles the development of multiculturalism and ethnic studies, and analyzes the issues related to diversity in higher education as they relate to ethnic studies and multicultural efforts.

Professionalization, Partnership, and Power

Provides insights into and results of a wide variety of experiments with professional development schools in the field of education.

The Contradictory College

This book systematically analyzes the evidence on four key issues that have divided commentators on the community college: The community college's impact on students, business, and the universities; the ...

Multiculturalism and Education

This book introduces multiculturalism and its relationship to education and schooling, while also highlighting current approaches to multicultural education and placing them in a broad comparative and ...

Higher Education Cannot Escape History

As we approach the end of the twentieth century and enter the twenty-first, the nation's system of colleges and universities, as well as higher education around the world, will face some enduring conflicts ...

Troubled Times for American Higher Education

Clark Kerr, one of the nation's foremost educators and commentators on the educational scene, examines emerging problems that he predicts will influence the near future of higher education. These include ...

The Cold War and Academic Governance

This book examines the harassment of the Johns Hopkins University sinologist Owen Lattimore during the height of the Cold War on campus. It moves from detailing the specifics of Lattimore's case to a ...

Teacher Education Policy

This collection of narratives, stories, and case studies brings to life examples of policy processes that affect teacher educators' work, goals, and accomplishments, including certification, testing, ...

Creating Community on College Campuses

Creating Community on College Campuses addresses the most critical and difficult issues facing higher education in the 1990s: improving the quality of teaching and learning, raising academic standards, ...

Emergent Issues in Education

In Emergent Issues in Education, leading scholars in comparative education and in the politics, sociology, anthropology, and economics of education illuminate worldwide trends in critical issues that ...

Black Resistance in High School

This book investigates and brings into focus the formidable issues of racial culture left undeveloped in research on multiracial school populations in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Through ethnographic ...

Textbooks in American Society

In recent years, textbooks have been widely criticized for low standards, lack of imaginativeness, and insensitivity to racial and gender issues. Increasingly, they are cited as another "weak link" in ...

Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education

This book explores key policy issues related to early childhood education. Through the contributions of various professionals in the field, the editors provide a vision, practical and possible, of early ...

College in Black and White

This book reports findings from the National Study of Black College Students, a comprehensive study of Black college students' characteristics, experiences, and achievements as related to student background, ...

The Great Transformation in Higher Education, 1960-1980

Clark Kerr, former President of the University of California and a leader in higher education policymaking, offers his views of the turbulent decades when colleges and universities scrambled to provide ...

Racial Crisis in American Higher Education, The

Across the country our universities and colleges continue to be beset by incidences of racial turmoil on campus. The first contemporary serious collection of articles on this topic, this book goes beyond ...

Curriculum Differentiation

Sharing methods and orientations of the interpretive paradigm, the contributors to this book sharpen our understanding of the school's differentiating function. They analyze issues and clarify persistent ...

Going to School

In this ground-breaking book, noted scholars/educators respond to the persistent, pervasive and disproportionate underachievement of African-American students in public schools. In the process, they illustrate ...

The Economics of American Universities

This book discusses the adjustment of universities to the changing financial environment. Its authors analyze the relationship between higher education inputs and outputs, assess the available information ...

Religious Fundamentalism and American Education

For the past twenty-five years, 'ultra-fundamentalist' Christians have put increasing pressure on American public education to conform exclusively with their own philosophy and vision of education and ...

The High Status Track

The essays in this groundbreaking volume significantly advance our understanding of the process by which an elite school education provides graduates with distinctly favorable life chances. The authors ...

The Higher Learning and High Technology

In this critical new work, Slaughter investigates how university involvement in high technology influences higher education policy. By conducting a case study of the Business-Higher Education Forum, a ...

Dropouts From Schools

The authors examine the major groups within the dropout population, the myriad of factors within schools that lead to dropping out, and the larger social and economic context within which dropping out ...

Character of American Higher Education and Intercollegiate Sport, The

Intercollegiate sport is too often viewed in a vacuum, but certainly conditions in American culture and in the institution of higher education helped to create big-time sport in the nation's universities. ...

Crisis in Teaching

There is a real need for a clear analysis and investigation of what the "crisis" in teaching actually is. By exploring the definition of the teaching crisis, investigating the evidence for its existence ...

The Curriculum

This book examines six major areas of theory and practice that exemplify the field of curriculum: the historical dimensions of the field; planning and organizing the curricula for the public schools; ...

Change and Effectiveness in Schools

The quest for more effective schools has perhaps never been more challenging than it is today. Here, the authors consider and investigate that challenge from the cultural perspective.

The Curriculum

This book examines six major areas of theory and practice that exemplify the field of curriculum: the historical dimensions of the field; planning and organizing the curricula for the public schools; ...

Excellence and Equality

Fetterman focuses on what actually works in gifted and talented education programs. Complementing the psychological perspective on gifted and talented education, he adopts an anthropological point of ...

Class, Race, and Gender in American Education

Most educators might agree that the hidden agendas on class, race, and gender, to a large extent, condition and determine the form and the content of schooling. But, how much of this situation is due ...