The Quest for Equity in Higher Education

Toward New Paradigms in an Evolving Affirmative Action Era

Edited by Beverly Lindsay & Manuel J. Justiz

Subjects: Higher Education
Series: SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
Paperback : 9780791450628, 319 pages, August 2001
Hardcover : 9780791450611, 319 pages, August 2001

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Table of contents


Part I. Setting the Stage

1. The Landscape for Conceptual and Policy Issues
Beverly Lindsay and Manuel J. Justiz

Part II. Legal and Economic Perspectives

2. Judicial and Legal Perspectives on Student Affirmative Action in Higher Education
Ida Elizabeth Wilson

3. Affirmative Action Retrenchment and Labor Market Outcomes for African-American Faculty
Samuel L. Myers Jr. and Caroline S. Turner

4. The Effects of Public Policy Conflicts and Resource Allocation Decisions on Higher Education Desegregation Outcomes in Pennsylvania
James B. Stewart

5. The Threatened Future of Affirmative Action and the Search for Alternatives
Reginald Wilson

Part III. Interrogation of Public and Education Policies

6. The Real Question after Hopwood: Why Equity in the K-12 Pipeline Will Change Our University Campuses for the Better and Help Preserve a Citizen Democracy
Manuel J. Justiz and Marilyn C. Kameen

7. Forces Eroding Affirmative Action in Higher Education: The California-Hawai'i Distinction
Joanne Cooper, Kathleen Kane, and Joanne Gisselquist

8. The Continuing and Expanding Roles of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in an Era of Affirmative Action and Diversity in Higher Education
Antoine M. Garibaldi, Horace G. Dawson Jr., and Richard A. English

Part IV. Executive Initiatives and International Perspectives

9. Equity in the Contemporary University
Graham B. Spanier and Mary Beth Crowe

10. Forging New University Initiatives in the Twenty-first Century: Women Executives and Equity
Beverly Lindsay

11. Civil Society's Cross-National Response to Affirmative Action
Maxine Thomas

Part V. Toward the Evolution of Dynamic Policies for Equity

12. Toward the Evolution of Dynamic Policies for Equity: Emerging Paradigms for Policy Change
Beverly Lindsay, Manuel J. Justiz, and Marilyn C. Kameen

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A critical examination of current sociopolitical issues surrounding equity and diversity and their impact on higher education.


Investigating the role of equity, diversity, and affirmative action in colleges and universities in the United States, this book critically examines the issues in light of public debates, voter referenda, and legislative enactments seeking to influence public policy. The contributors argue that providing information and critical skills to students and scholars, preparing students for the world of work (especially in a rapidly changing technological environment), and generating new research and knowledge bases are missions of higher education that can be enhanced with affirmative action as a form of equity.

Beverly Lindsay is Dean of the University Office of International Programs and Professor of Higher Education and Policy Studies at The Pennsylvania State University. She is the editor of several books, including African Migration and National Development, and with Mark B. Ginsburg, The Political Dimension in Teacher Education: Comparative Perspectives on Policy Formation, Socialization, and Society. Manuel J. Justiz is Dean of the College of Education, Lee Hage Jamail Regents Chair in Education, and A. M. Aikin Regents Chair in Education Leadership at The University of Texas at Austin. He is the coeditor, with Reginald Wilson and Lars G. Björk, of Minorities in Higher Education, and with Lars G. Björk, of Higher Education: Research and Public Policy.