Women Administrators in Higher Education

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Edited by Jana Nidiffer & Carolyn Terry Bashaw

Subjects: Higher Education
Series: SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
Paperback : 9780791448182, 312 pages, January 2001
Hardcover : 9780791448175, 312 pages, January 2001

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Quiet Inspiration and Hard Work: The Impact of Women Administrators
Jana Nidiffer and Carolyn Terry Bashaw

Part I. Historical Background

1. Crumbs from the Boy's Table: The First Century of Coeducation
Jana Nidiffer

Part II. Academic and Institutional Leadership

2. Patterns of Leadership: The Impact of Female Authority in Four Women's Colleges, 1880-1910
Cynthia Farr Brown

3. Determination in Leadership: Pioneering Roman Catholic Women Presidents
Candace Introcaso

4. At the Top of the Faculty: Women as Chief Academic Officers
Karen Doyle Walton and Sharon A. McDade

5. New Leadership for a New Century: Women's Contribution to Leadership in Higher Education
Jana Nidiffer

Part III. Changing Lives: Women as Managers, Mentors, Guardians, and Healers

6. Advocates on Campus: Deans of Women Create a New Profession
Jana Nidiffer

7. "Reassessment and Redefinition": The NAWDC and Higher Education for Women
Carolyn Terry Bashaw

8. Agents of Social Control: The Role of Physical Educators as Guardians of Women's Health, 1860-1960
Joan Paul

9. "Let Her Swim, Climb Mountain Peaks": Self-Sacrifice and Success in Expanding Athletic Programs for Women
Linda Jean Carpenter and R. Vivian Acosta

10. Contemporary Issues of Women as Senior Student Affairs Officers
Susan R. Jones and Susan R. Komives

11. "To Serve the Needs of Women": The AAUW, NAWDC, and Persistence of Academic Women's Support Networks
Carolyn Terry Bashaw

Women Administrators in Higher Education Today and in the Future
Carolyn Terry Bashaw and Jana Nidiffer

SUNY Series, Frontiers on Education

Shows the tenacious spirit and hard work of women administrators in their struggles to enhance opportunities for women on college campuses.


In this book Jana Nidiffer and Carolyn Terry Bashaw fill in the pieces of the story of the history of women in higher education as well as tackle contemporary topics such as the controversies surrounding women's education; the contributions of women religious and lay presidents and their use of power; the relationship of emergent leadership theory to women; the growth and development of deans of women; the role of women's professional organizations; and quandaries of provosts, physical educators, and student affairs professionals. The book illustrates the tenacious spirit and hard work of women administrators in their struggles to enhance opportunities for women on college campuses.

Contributors include R. Vivian Acosta, Carolyn Terry Bashaw, Cynthia Farr Brown, Linda Jean Carpenter, Candace Introcaso, Susan R. Jones, Susan R. Komives, Sharon A. McDade, Jana Nidiffer, Joan Paul, and Karen Doyle Walton.

Jana Nidiffer is Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the University of Michigan, the author of Pioneering Deans of Women: More than Wise and Pious Matrons, and the coauthor (with Arthur Levine) of Beating the Odds: How the Poor Get to College. Carolyn Terry Bashaw is Professor of History at Le Moyne College and the author of "Stalwart Women": A Historical Analysis of Deans of Women in the South.


"…build[s] on the growing body of work on gender and the history of higher education, inviting us to consider a more nuanced interpretation of the work of early pioneers and the sometimes unanticipated consequences of that work. " — History of Education Quarterly

"The most appealing aspect of this book is the authors' contention—and their organizing principle—that historians of women's higher education and practitioners in higher education have more to say to each other than is generally recognized. The effort to combine historical and practitioner scholarship in one volume is unique and thoughtful. " — Linda Eisenmann, editor of Historical Dictionary of Women's Education in the United States

"The impact of women administrators in higher education is an important topic and, when put into historical perspective, adds to our knowledge of women's role in shaping colleges and universities. " — Judith Glazer-Raymo, author of Shattering the Myths: Women in Academe