About Psychology

Essays at the Crossroads of History, Theory, and Philosophy

Edited by Darryl B. Hill & Michael J. Kral

Subjects: History
Series: SUNY series, Alternatives in Psychology
Paperback : 9780791457047, 190 pages, March 2003
Hardcover : 9780791457030, 190 pages, March 2003

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Table of contents


1. Convergence and Conjunction at the Crossroads
Darryl B. Hill and Michael J. Kral

2. Where History, Theory, and Philosophy Meet: The Biography of Psychological Objects
Kurt Danziger

3. The Moral Dimension of Psychological Practice, Theory, and Subject Matter
Charles W. Tolman

4. Psychotherapists As Crypto-Missionaries: An Exemplar on the Crossroads of History, Theory, and Philosophy
Brent D. Slife, Amy Fisher Smith, and Colin M. Burchfield

5. A Theory of Personhood for Psychology
Jack Martin and Jeff Sugarman

6. Self-Esteem and the Demoralized Self: A Geneaology of Self Research and Measurement
Scott Greer

7. Cultural Turns in Psychology
Karen M. Seeley

8. Feminists Rethink Gender
Meredith M. Kimball

9. Retrieving the Past for the Future: Boundary Maintenance in Historical and Theoretical Psychology
Henderikus J. Stam



A critical and historical overview of psychology.


Demonstrating how psychologists use theory, philosophy, and history to illuminate the subjects they study, this book explores both the obstacles and benefits of integrating these perspectives into contemporary Western psychology. It offers a timely survey of current ideas at the crossroads of these disciplines and represents new ideas about how psychology can respond to changes on what it means to be human and on how to further this knowledge. The convergence of history, theory, and philosophy is examined from three perspectives: the reconsideration of the importance of context in psychology; the argument that psychology is embedded in morality, values, and politics; and the consideration of the practice of such convergence, looking at how history, theory, and philosophy function in psychology. This book presents contemporary thinking by noted scholars who have made significant contributions to a re-visioning of psychology.

Darryl B. Hill is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Concordia University. Michael J. Kral is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Windsor. He is the coeditor (with Antoon A. Leenaars, Susanne Wenckstern, and Ronald J. Dyck) of Suicide in Canada.