SUNY series, Alternatives in Psychology

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The Power of Reinforcement

Makes the controversial argument that reinforcement is a real and valuable force in human behavior.

About Psychology

A critical and historical overview of psychology.

The Last Resistance

A fundamentally new examination of the controversies raging around psychoanalysis.

Becoming Good Parents

Argues that our struggle to become good parents can help us to become good persons.

A Postmodern Psychology of Asian Americans

Challenges existing paradigms of knowledge as they relate to Asian Americans.

Dark Light

Reveals the effects of the cultural unconscious or "world soul" in human experience.

Between Conviction and Uncertainty

Explores the philosophical context within which psychotherapy functions.

The Subject of Lacan

An accessible introduction to the psychoanalytic theories of Jacques Lacan, intended especially for American psychologists but useful to anyone interested in the work of this important thinker.

The Psychology of Human Possibility and Constraint

Resolves the fundamental debate between cognitivists and social constructionists concerning the metaphysics of human psychology, and offers new insights into therapy, education, and creativity.

The Paradox of Power and Weakness

Offers an alternative paradigm for psychology, one that reflects Levinas's criticism of a self-centered notion of identity. Reveals the secret of an "authentic" altruism through a phenomenology of both power and weakness, and of the paradoxes of the weakness of power and the power of weakness.

Identification and Character

This book tells the reader all about psychological identification, the single most important process for becoming, maintaining, or changing who we are as characters. The book's emphasis, though, is decidedly ...

Orientation to Inquiry in a Reflective Professional Psychology

This book approaches professional inquiry in psychology from a perspective that integrates research and practice and prepares students for the diversity of methods employed in the field. It examines a ...

The Morals and Politics of Psychology

This book explores the moral, social, and political implications of dominant psychological theories and practices. The analysis entails the therapeutic uses of psychoanalysis, cognitive, behavioral, and ...

Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Eastern Thought

This book explores the convergence of psychoanalysis and Asian thought. It explores key theoretical issues. What role does paradox play in psychological transformations? How can the oriental emphasis ...

Time and Psychological Explanation

Psychology has been captured by an assumption that is almost totally unrecognized. This assumption—the linearity of time—unduly restricts theory and therapy, yet this restriction is so common, so ...

Metaphors of Interrelatedness

Olds examines the role of metaphor and models in psychology, science, and religion and argues the case for systems theory as a contemporary unifying metaphor across domains, with particular emphasis on ...