American Patriotism in a Global Society

By Betty Jean Craige

Subjects: Communication
Series: SUNY series in Global Politics
Paperback : 9780791429600, 197 pages, July 1996
Hardcover : 9780791429594, 197 pages, July 1996

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Table of contents



1. Introduction: Tribalism and Political Dualism

2. Allegiance to Men and Allegiance to Law

3. The Struggle over the Nation's Identity

4. Patriotism and Free Speech in a Global Society

5. Political Dualism and the Persian Gulf War

6. Political Holism and Opposition to War

7. Conclusion



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Argues that the transformation of our world into a global society is causing a resurgence of tribalism at the same time that it is inspiring the ideology of political holism and global interdependence.


This book argues that the transformation of our world into a global society is causing a resurgence of tribalism at the same time that it is inspiring the ideology of political holism--the understanding of human society as an evolving global system of interdependent individuals, cultures, and nations. Betty Jean Craige examines the "patriotic" resistance to globalization in the United States by examining a number of recent historical events, including the Persian Gulf War, the 1988 presidential campaign, and the Iran-Contra scandal.

Betty Jean Craige is University Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Georgia and is Director of the University of Georgia Humanities Center. She is the author of several books, including Reconnection: Dualism to Holism in Literary Study (for which she won the Frederic W. Ness Book Award) and Laying the Ladder Down: The Emergence of Cultural Holism (for which she was co-winner of the "Georgia Author of the Year" Award in Non-Fiction for 1992).


"There are few topics more urgent than American patriotism in a world that is simultaneously becoming connected and torn apart. In the vortex of forces unleashed by globalism and nationalism, American attitudes are critical. Professor Craige's analysis is both salutary and indispensable. " — Andrei Codrescu, author of The Hole in the Flag: A Romanian Exile's Story of Return and Revolution and National Public Radio commentator

"Betty Jean Craige's American Patriotism in a Global Society is a timely analysis of the tensions between globalism and tribalism. She demonstrates how a crude tribalistic nationalism and patriotism runs through the political events of the past decade, including Oliver North's crusade against the Nicaraguan contras and George Bush's war against Iraq, and carefully analyzes the assumptions, rhetoric, and consequences of the continuation of tribalism in an increasingly global world. The book's thesis is original and contributes to the fields of American studies and political philosophy by providing a new rubric through which to interpret recent U. S. history. Further, Craige's studies of the media in the Gulf War and recent history contribute to communication studies. Her analysis of rhetoric and discourse in contemporary politics should appeal to those in literary and cultural studies. " — Douglas Kellner, author of The Persian Gulf TV War

"This is an ambitious and provocative exploration of a crucial topic. The writing is clear, forceful, and accessible to a wide range of readers. With admirably synthesized research, Professor Craige has brought into sharp focus several case studies to illustrate and dramatize her main thesis. " — H. Bruce Franklin, author of M. I.A. , or, Mythmaking in America