Ana M. López


By Ana M. López
Edited by Laura Podalsky, Dolores Tierney
Introduction by Laura Podalsky, and Dolores Tierney

Subjects: Film Studies, Latin American Studies, Cultural Studies, Black Studies, Gender Studies
Series: SUNY series in Latin American Cinema
Hardcover : 9781438491097, 578 pages, February 2023
Paperback : 9781438491080, 578 pages, August 2023

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Table of contents

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Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado

Introduction: At the Interface and Beyond
Laura Podalsky and Dolores Tierney

Part 1. Latin American Cinema/s: The Transnational Turn

Editors’ Introduction

1. A Cinema for the Continent (1994)

2. National History, Transnational History (1998)

3. Facing Up to Hollywood (2000)

4. Early Cinema and Modernity in Latin America (2000)

5. Film and Radio Intermedialities in Early Latin American Sound Cinema (2017)

6. From Hollywood and Back: Dolores Del Rio, a (Trans)national Star (1998)

7. The São Paulo Connection: The Companhia Cinematográfica Vera Cruz and O Cangaceiro (1998)

8. Crossing Nations and Genres: Traveling Filmmakers (2000)

Part 2. Of Modes and Genres

Editors’ Introduction

9. Tears and Desire: Women and Melodrama in the “Old” Mexican Cinema (1994)

10. Our Welcomed Guests: Telenovelas in Latin America (1995)

11. Of Rhythms and Borders (1997)

12. Mexico (2012)

13. Before Exploitation: Three Men of the Cinema in Mexico (2009)

14. (Not) Looking for Origins: Postmodernism, Documentary, and America (1993)

15. Revolution and Dreams: The Cuban Documentary Today (1992)

16. The Battle of Chile: Documentary, Political Process, and Representation (1990)

17. At the Limits of Documentary: Hypertextual Transformation and the New Latin American Cinema (1990)

18. A Poetics of the Trace (2014)

Part 3. Intersections: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Editors’ Introduction

19. Not Only a Question of Color: Afro-Latino/a Images in Latin American Cinema Today (1992)

20. African Roots: Images of Black People in Cuban Cinema (1988)

21. Sergio Giral on Filmmaking in Cuba (1986–1987)
With Nicholas Peter Humy

22. Are All Latins from Manhattan? Hollywood, Ethnography, and Cultural Colonialism (1991)

23. Greater Cuba (1996)

24. I (Also) Love Ricky: The Oft-Forgotten Cuban-in-the-Text (2012)

Part 4. Final Thoughts, Metacritical Reflections

25. López on López: Liminal Words (2012)

“Siete Veces Ana”: An Afterword
Nilo Couret

Works Cited

Brings together Ana M. López's field-defining essays on Latin American film and media in one indispensable volume.


Ana M. López is one of the foremost film and media scholars in the world. Her work has addressed Latin American filmmaking in every historical period, across countries and genres—from early cinema to the present; from Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico to diasporic and Latinx cinemas in the United States; from documentary to melodrama to politically militant film. López's groundbreaking essays have transformed Latin American film studies, opening up new approaches, theoretical frameworks, and lines of investigation while also extending beyond cinema to analyze its connections with television, radio, and broader cultural phenomena. Bringing together twenty-five essays from throughout her career, including three that have been translated into English for this volume, Ana M. López is divided into three sections: the transnational turn in Latin American film studies; analysis of genre and modes; and debates surrounding race, ethnicity, and gender. Expertly curated and edited by Laura Podalsky and Dolores Tierney, the volume includes introductory material throughout to map and situate López's key interventions and to aid students and scholars less familiar with her work.

Ana M. López is Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, and Director of the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute at Tulane University. Laura Podalsky is Professor and Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The Ohio State University. Dolores Tierney is Professor and Head of Film Studies in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.


"Ana López's work always provided a clear compass to the field, its debates, and its ideas. Her articles often result in long-living lines of inquiry and even entire subfields. All of us working in Latin American film studies are indebted to Ana's career and dedication." — from the foreword by Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado

"To state that Latin American film and media studies would not be the same without Ana López is no exaggeration. López not only helped carve out space in a historically Eurocentric discipline for consideration of Latin American and Latino/a/x cinema and film cultures but also made them an essential part of the conversation. While she is an academic legend, her work has never been static but has always evolved, taking us in new directions as we attempt to keep pace with her brilliance." — Rielle Navitski, author of Public Spectacles of Violence: Sensational Cinema and Journalism in Early Twentieth-Century Mexico and Brazil