Arab Civilization: Challenges and Responses

Studies in Honor of Dr. Constantine Zurayk

Edited by George N. Atiyeh & Ibrahim M. Oweiss

Subjects: Arab Civilization
Paperback : 9780887066993, 365 pages, July 1988
Hardcover : 9780887066986, 365 pages, July 1988

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Table of contents

Editors' Note

Part I. The Man and His Work

Constantine K. Zurayk: Advocate of Rationalism in Modern Arab Thought
Hani A. Faris

Humanism and Secularism in the Modern Arab Heritage: The Ideas of al-Kawākibī and Zurayk
George N. Atiyeh

Part 2. The Classical Heritage

On the Use of Islamic History: An Essay
Muhsin Mahdi

The Expression of Historicity in the Koran
Jacques Berque

Equity and Islamic Law
Majid Khadduri

The Devolution of the Perfect State: Plato, Ibn Rushd, and Ibn Khaldun
Majid Fakhry

al-Khwārizmī's Concept of Algebra
Roshdi Rashed

Ibn Khaldun, the Father of Economics
Ibrahim M. Oweiss

A Mamlūk "Magna Carta"
Aziz Sourial Atiya

Part 3. The Modern Age: Challenges and Responses

The Memoirs of Nubar Pasha as a Source for the Social History of Egypt
Charles Issawi

The Neopatriarchal Discourse: Language and Discourse in Contemporary Arab Society
Hisham Sharabi

The Interplay Between Social and Cultural Change: The Case of Germany and the Arab Middle East
Bassam Tibi

Criticism and the Heritage: Adonis as an Advocate of a New Arab Culture
Mounah A. Khouri

Aḥmad Amīn and 'Abbās Maḥmūd al-'Aqqād Between al-Quadīm and al-Jadīd: European Challenge and Islamic Response
Ibrahim Ibrahim
Amīn al-Rīḥānī and King 'Abdul-'Aziz Ibn Sa'ūd
Ifran Shahid

A Reinterpretation of the Origins and Aims of the Great Syrian Revolt, 1925-27
Philip S. Khoury

The Social and Economic Structure of Bāb-al-Muṣallā (al-Mīdān), Damascus, 1825-75
Abdul Karim Rafeq

Imperial Germany: A View from Damascus
Samir M. Seikaly

The Egyptian Press under Nasser and al-Sadat
Fauzi M. Najjar



This book discusses Arab history, law, philosophy, politics, and literature, analyzing the challenges and responses aroused by the interaction between Western culture and the ancient and modern Arab cultures. It offers a wealth of information on the forces that have shaped Arab civilization and on several of the major figures who have contributed to its development. Some of the outstanding contributions include a comprehensive study of Dr. Zurayk as the advocate of rationalism in modern Arab thought by Hani A. Faris; a sober but challenging look at the use of Islamic history in our time by Muhsin Mahdi; an analysis of the expression of historicity in the Koran by Jacques Berque; an explanation of the concept of equity in Islamic law by Majid Khadduri; and the revelation of a Mamluk Magna Carta by Aziz Sourial Atiya.

George N. Atiyeh is Head of the Near East Section of the Library of Congress. Ibrahim M. Oweiss is Professor of Economics at Georgetown University.


"It will be essential for any serious student of Arab and Muslim civilization. "—Marius Deeb, Georgetown University

"It will establish itself as one of the important sources of knowledge and reference in the field of Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. " —K. I. H. Semaan, SUNY, Binghamton

"Arab Civilization is notable in terms of the breadth of the subjects covered and is appropriate in that it mirrors much of the work done by Constantine Zurayk himself. It is a very welcome addition to the literature in the field. " —Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University