The Phenomenology of Social Encounters

Edited by Luna Dolezal & Danielle Petherbridge

Subjects: Phenomenology, Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist
Paperback : 9781438466200, 420 pages, July 2018
Hardcover : 9781438466217, 420 pages, September 2017

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Table of contents

Introduction: Reconsidering the Phenomenology of Social Encounters
Luna Dolezal and Danielle Petherbridge
Part I. Embodied Politics: Encountering Race and Violence

1. The Body and Political Violence: Between Isolation and Homogenization
Rosalyn Diprose

2. A Critical Phenomenology of Solidarity and Resistance in the 2013 California Prison Hunger Strikes
Lisa Guenther

3. Sedimented Attitudes and Existential Responsibilities
Gail Weiss

4. Racializing Perception and the Phenomenology of Invisibility
Danielle Petherbridge

Part II. Relationality, Ethics, and The Other

5. Social Interaction, Autonomy, and Recognition
Shaun Gallagher

6. The Weight of Others: Social Encounters and an Ethics of Reading
Donald A. Landes

7. Linguistic Encounters: The Performativity of Active Listening
Beata Stawarska

8. Wonder as the Primary Passion: A Phenomenological Perspective on Irigaray’s Ethics of Difference
Sara Heinamaa

9. Merleau-Ponty on Understanding Other Others
Katherine J. Morris
Part III. Embodiment, Subjectivity, and Intercorporeality

10. Lived Body, Intersubjectivity, and Intercorporeality: The Body in Phenomenology
Dermot Moran

11. Phenomenology and Intercorporeality in the Case of Commercial Surrogacy
Luna Dolezal

12. Agoraphobia, Sartre, and the Spatiality of the Look
Dylan Trigg

13. Intercorporeal Expression and the Subjectivity of Dementia
Lisa Folkmarson Kall
Notes on Contributors

Examines the lived experience of social encounters drawing on phenomenological insights.


Body/Self/Other brings together a variety of phenomenological perspectives to examine the complexity of social encounters across a range of social, political, and ethical issues. It investigates the materiality of social encounters and the habitual attitudes that structure lived experience. In particular, the contributors examine how constructions of race, gender, sexuality, criminality, and medicalized forms of subjectivity affect perception and social interaction. Grounded in practical, everyday experiences, this book provides a theoretical framework that considers the extent to which fundamental ethical obligations arise from the fact of individuals' intercorporeality and sociality.

Luna Dolezal is Lecturer in Medical Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, and author of The Body and Shame: Phenomenology, Feminism, and the Socially Shaped Body. Danielle Petherbridge is Assistant Professor of Continental Philosophy at University College Dublin, Ireland, and the author of The Critical Theory of Axel Honneth.


"By connecting phenomenology to social theory and everyday situations, this volume will appeal to those looking to understand better the complex, confusing, and often conflicting distinctions socially operative among 'bodies' of all kinds, 'selves' of multiple definitions, and 'others' taken in different ways. As such, it makes an accessible and insightful contribution to a wide range of readers, such as critical race, decolonial, and legal theorists. " — Hypatia