Social Philosophy

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Action, Embodied Mind, and Life World

Combines phenomenology with the "enactivist" approach to consciousness theory and recent emotion research to explore the way self-motivated action plans shape selective attention, exploration, and ultimately the mind's interpretation of reality - in philosophy, psychology, cultural awareness, and our personal lives.

Adult Life

Drawing from philosophy and psychology, offers a clear and compelling interpretation of what it means to be an adult.


Examines the lived experience of social encounters drawing on phenomenological insights.

Containing Community

Analyzes the role of community in the writings of Giorgio Agamben, Roberto Esposito, and Jean-Luc Nancy.

Ancient and Medieval Concepts of Friendship

Charts the stages of the history of friendship as a philosophical concept in the Western world.

Worth Doing

A comprehensive look at how we rely on ideals of worthy action in the pursuit of moral happiness.

Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about Knowledge, III

A provocative survey of interdisciplinary challenges to the concept of dualism.

Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about Knowledge, II

A provocative survey of interdisciplinary challenges to the concept of reductionism.

Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about Knowledge, I

A provocative survey of interdisciplinary challenges to the concept of determinism.

Bearing Witness to Epiphany

Makes the novel argument that erotic life is the real sphere of human freedom.

The Browning of America and the Evasion of Social Justice

Considers the effects of the browning of America on philosophical debates over race, racism, and social justice.

Philosophy and the City

Edited by Sharon M. Meagher
Subjects: Philosophy

The definitive source book on philosophy and the city.

Convergence amidst Difference

Engages contemporary European thought on a variety of philosophical topics.

Globalization, Technology, and Philosophy

Confronts globalization and technology from philosophical perspectives.

A Parliament of Minds

In this companion volume to the national public television documentary of the same name, interviews of philosophy luminaries expose the relevance of philosophy to everyday life.

The Just Family

Provides a comprehensive and systematic family ethic, addressing major issues fueling the family values debate.

Predicting the Future

Develops a general theory of prediction that encompasses its fundamental principles, methodology, and practice and gives an overview of its promises and problems.

A Society Fit for Human Beings

Argues for a humanistic cultural reformation to counter our materialistic values and science-dominated intellectual life and shows how this would affect our lives and transform our society.

Democracy and Possessive Individualism

C. B. Macpherson was one of the leading political theorists in North America and perhaps the most influential voice on the left for a view of liberal democracy that was simultaneously sympathetic to its ...