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C. I. Lewis

An intellectual biography of the American philosopher C. I. Lewis.

Creative Experiencing

A vigorous and wide-ranging defense of Hartshorne’s “neoclassical metaphysics” of creative freedom.

Process Approaches to Consciousness in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy of Mind

Opens a dialogue between process philosophy and contemporary consciousness studies.

Linguistic Philosophy

Explores the role language plays in the relationship between reality and utterance.

Whitehead's Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy

Examines the postmodern implications of Whitehead’s metaphysical system.

Oppenheimer's Choice

Studies J. Robert Oppenheimer’s choice to accept leadership of the Manhattan Project.

Kant's Pragmatic Anthropology

The first comprehensive examination in English of Kant’s Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View.

Kant and the Culture of Enlightenment

Interprets Kant's conception of enlightenment within the broader philosophical project of his critique of reason.

The Social Authority of Reason

Explores the social ramifications of Kant's concept of radical evil.

Kant on Causation

An in-depth examination of the nature of Kant's causal principle.


A comprehensive introduction to the theory of knowledge.

Understanding Understanding

A study of the scope and limits of understanding.

Wittgenstein's Account of Truth

Explores the complex nature of truth in Wittgenstein’s philosophy.

Process and Analysis

Leading thinkers from both traditions explore common philosophical topics.

The Philosopher's Voice

Explores the relationship between philosophy and politics in the work of Kant, Fichte, Hegel, and Marx.

The Unity of Knowledge and Action

Uses the thought of Wang Yang-ming, John Dewey, and Alfred North Whitehead to explain a more coherent theory of knowledge.

The Unity of Wittgenstein's Philosophy

Explores the stable core of Wittgenstein's philosophy as developed from the Tractatus to the Philosophical Investigations.

The Patterns of the Present

An original philosophical treatise on form and the foundations of social value.

Ethics and the Between

Articulates the necessity for a comprehensive reconstructive thinking about the meaning of being good.

Coming to Be

Synthesizes Thomistic and Whiteheadian metaphysics.

Unnecessary Evil

Demonstrates the systematic connection between Kant's ethics and his philosophy of history.

Transforming Process Theism

Traces variations of theism in Whitehead's principle works, identifying a major problem in conventional understanding of process theism and constructing an original and provocative solution.

Before Logic

Argues that there is an undeniable and essentially historical dimension to logic.

Moral Progress

Argues that in order to reinvigorate our moral inheritances we must endeavor not only to live well, but also to live better.

Realistic Pragmatism

Recovers classical pragmatism from recent deconstructive interpretations.

Descartes and Husserl

Presents the first book-length study of the profound influence of Descartes' philosophy on Husserl's project for phenomenology.

Metaphysics and Its Task

Systematically analyzes the nature of metaphysics.

Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations

An imaginative and exciting exposition of major themes from Wittgenstein's mature philosophy.

Bradley and the Structure of Knowledge

Arguing against those who situate F. H. Bradley as a skeptic, mystic, or empiricist, this book makes a case for understanding his thought firmly in the tradition of rationalistic idealism.


An edited transcript of the great Harvard philosopher Josiah Royce's last year-long course in metaphysics, given at Harvard in 1915-1916.

Of Two Minds

Proposes a resolution to the paradox of inquiry, originally formulated in Plato's Meno and most recently the focus of the "logic of discovery" debate in the philosophy of science.

Figuring the Self

Provides a systematic overview of the topic of self in classical German philosophy, focusing on the period around 1800 and covering Kant, Fichte, Holderlin, Novalis, Schelling, Schleiermacher, and Hegel.

Waking to Wonder

The central claim of this book is that, early and late, Wittgenstein modelled his approach to existential meaning on his account of linguistic meaning. A reading of Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy sets ...

Analytic Theism, Hartshorne, and the Concept of God

Initiates and continues a dialogue regarding the concept of God in the neoclassical philosophy of Charles Hartshorne and that found in analytic philosophers who adhere to classical theism.

Reconceiving Experience

Presents a new framework for understanding language, thought, and experience, and for carrying out research.


Provides an ontological characterization of texts, explores the issues raised by the identity of various texts, and presents a view of the function of authors and audiences, and of their relations to texts.

Process Metaphysics

Presents a synoptic, compact, and accessible exposition of this influential and interesting sector of twentieth-century American philosophy.

The Embodied Self

Schleiermacher presents a viable, systematic approach to self-consciousness that unifies thinking, feeling, and life itself--that reconfigures the whole of human experience. He presents a self capable of generating coherence amidst ethnic conflicts and the environmental crisis.

Maimonides and St. Thomas on the Limits of Reason

This book shows that Maimonides and St. Thomas reached strikingly similar conclusions regarding the limits of reason and that these limits, in turn, show the dimensions of philosophical understanding.

Science, Reality, and Language

This book explains why anti-realism is so popular with philosophers of science by showing that many contemporary philosophers of science and language, who define themselves as empiricists, in fact have evolved into linguistic idealists.

Being and the Between

This is the culmination of a systematic metaphysics written by a world-class philosopher, demonstrating the need for a renewal of metaphysics.

Ends of Philosophy, The

This is a critique of Peirce, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Buchler, Derrida, and Rorty as anti-realists, showing that each of these philosophers affirms some form of self-undermining relativism that cannot account for itself.

Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism

This work runs counter to the traditional interpretations of Peirce's philosophy by eliciting an inherent strand of pragmatic pluralism that is embedded in the very core of his thought and that weaves ...

The Potencies of God(s)

Explores the metaphysical, epistemological, and hermeneutical theories of Schelling’s final system concerning the nature and meaning of religious mythology.

Scientific Nihilism

Scientific nihilism is the widespread and ascendant view that the prospects for genuine understanding in scientific knowledge are distinctly negative. This view is especially characteristic of philosophy ...

The Other Nietzsche

This volume explores facets of Nietzsche relatively untouched by the majority of the vast literature on him. Stambaugh concentrates on his ideas on art and creativity in general, regarding these realms ...

Richard Rorty

This book is a discussion of the nature and import of Richard Rorty's philosophy, particularly as it relates to his reevaluation of American pragmatism. Rorty's thinking is assessed within the context ...

Eternity and Time's Flow

Neville returns eternity to the center of consideration by analyzing the obsessive culture that attempts to get along denying it; and he analyzes the nature of time's flow itself, the nature of divine ...

The Life of Irony and the Ethics of Belief

Wisdo concludes that the fragility of religious belief is due to the unavoidable irony intrinsic to the religious life.

The Highroad Around Modernism

Discussions of modernism and postmodernism in philosophy and the arts are usually based on a narrow reading of the Western tradition and are not conscious of the narrowness. The modern period, beginning ...

Revisioning Philosophy

Edited by James Ogilvy
Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy

Contributors to this volume include Robert Bellah, Raimundo Panikkar, Susan Griffin, Robert C. Solomon, Hubert L. Dreyfus and Stuart D. Dreyfus, Francisco J. Varela, Steven Rockefeller, Bruce Wilshire, ...

Whitehead and Bradley

In his magnum opus, Process and Reality, Alfred North Whitehead claims a special affinity to Oxford philosopher Francis Herbert Bradley. McHenry clarifies exactly how much of Whitehead's metaphysics is ...

Philosophy and Its History

This book is a systematic and comprehensive treatment of issues involved in philosophical historiography. It deals with such topics as the relation of philosophy to its history, the role of value judgments ...

Freedom and Modernity

This book questions the postmodern credo that the autonomy of reason and action is a delusion, concealing our entrapment in historical convention and masking a logocentric domination. The author shows ...

Induction, Probability, and Skepticism

In this book, Chattopadhyaya examines the epistemological and methodological implications of induction and probability. Opposed to foundationalism and the thesis of certainty of human knowledge, he has ...

Knights of Faith and Resignation

Knights of Faith and Resignation brings out the richness of Kierkegaard's creative invention, the contemporary relevance of his contrasts between resignation and faith, and his probing conceptual analysis ...

New Dimensions of Confucian and Neo-Confucian Philosophy

This is the first book to thoroughly explore Confucian and Neo-Confucian metaphysics and ethics, building upon the creativity and temporality of human existence and human nature as well as their extension ...

A History of Ancient Philosophy II

By Giovanni Reale
Edited and translated by John R. Catan
Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy

In this book Reale presents Plato and Aristotle.

At the center of Reale's interpretation of Plato is the fulcrum of the supersensible, the metaphysical discovery that Plato presented as a result of the ...

Philosophy of Science and the Occult

Edited by Patrick Grim
Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy

This book both introduces the philosophy of science through examination of the occult and examines the occult rigorously enough to raise central issues in the philosophy of science. Placed in the context ...

Phenomenology of the Truth Proper to Religion

The question is, what constitutes truth in religion? Represented here is the whole spectrum of phenomenology—transcendental, existential, hermeneutic, ethical, and deconstructive—presented by some ...

A History of Ancient Philosophy IV

By Giovanni Reale
Edited and translated by John R. Catan
Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy

This book covers the first 500 years of the common era. These years witnessed the revivals of Aristotelianism, Epicureanism, Pyrrhonism, Cynicism, and Pythagoreanism; but by far the most important movement ...

The Crisis of Philosophy

This book presents a sympathetic yet critical treatment of the major philosophical attempts to define a viable project for philosophy in the face of historical changes. McCarthy, then, proposes a comprehensive, ...

The Rehabilitation of Whitehead

Lucas treats Whitehead within the framework of major themes in current Anglo-American "analytic" philosophy, viewed against the backdrop of significant historical trends in European and American thought ...

Lacan and Theological Discourse

The authors examine implications of Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytic theory of discourse for the understanding of theological language. Topics include self, desire, post-structuralism, the unconscious, ...

Education, Modernity, and Fractured Meaning

An indictment of the ideology of modernity, which has resulted in our leading incoherent and fragmented lives, Oliver and Gershman's book explores the profound paradigmatic differences that exist among ...

Moral and Spiritual Cultivation in Japanese Neo-Confucianism

Kaibara Ekken (1630—1714) was the focal Neo-Confucian thinker of the early Tokagawa period. He established the importance of Neo-Confucianism in Japan at a time when Buddhism had long been the dominant ...

Chuang-Tzu for Spiritual Transformation

This book offers a fundamentally new interpretation of the philosophy of the Chuang-Tzu. It is the first full-length work of its kind which argues that a deep level cognitive structure exists beneath ...

Philosophy in Process

Philosophy in Process, Volume Eleven, continues the publication of the working journals, the intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. It presents the opportunity to experience ...

Public Realm, The

This book offers a collection of essays in contemporary political philosophy from a wide range of Continental viewpoints. The authors include some of the most prominent European and European-oriented ...

Peirce's Approach to the Self

Based on a careful study of his unpublished manuscripts as well as his published work, this book explores Peirce's general theory of signs and the way in which Peirce himself used this theory to understand ...

Philosophy in Process

Philosophy in Process, Volume Eleven, continues the publication of the working journals, the intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. It presents the opportunity to experience ...

History Making History

This book recognizes that the postmodern "new historicism" leads to a value-neutral relativism and leaves theology with an impossible choice. Dean argues that the postmodern challenge is incoherent and ...

End of Evil, The

The topic of evil and redemption has been at the center of the Western tradition since the beginning of the Christian era. In The End of Evil, Suchocki explores the source and end of evil in the thought ...

The Specter of the Absurd

This book is our century's most comprehensive and wise treatment of nihilism in all of its guises, comparing favorably with Rosen, Cavell, and indeed with Spengler. Crosby argues that our culture is genuinely ...

Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights

Charles Hartshorne is one of the premier metaphysicians and philosophers of religion in the twentieth century. He has written extensively on animals, both as a philosopher of nature and as an expert on ...

The Korean Neo-Confucianism of Yi Yulgok

This book explores the philosophical and religious dimensions of Korean Neo-Confuciansim as expounded by one of the foremost Korean Neo-Confucian thinkers, Yi Yulgok (1536-1584). Yulgok's creative interpretations ...

Moral Analysis

This is an introductory text for an ethics course that provides the theoretical background for discussion of ethical problems. It could be supplemented with essays or anthologies on a range of particular ...

Order and Might

This is a systematic philosophy of politics and the state. As few contemporary books do, Order and Might provides a general theory, exploring the structure of socio-political experience. It not only addresses ...

Plato's Theory of Explanation

Here is the question: what constitutes a good explanation of phenomena? Whereas true being (forms) can be known through dialectic, concrete phenomena can only be explained. An explanation is verisimilar ...


The author begins by distinguishing six fundamental issues on the metaphysics of individuality. He then proceeds to examine the relation among these issues and to demonstrate that ignorance of the interrelationships ...

The Dilemma of Modernity

The development of modern culture along subjectivist lines has led to an analogue of psychological narcissism—to philosophical narcissism—in the culture. The intrinsic value of human cultural activity ...

Philosophy in Process

The intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. Covers April 15, 1984 through January 18, 1986.

Spinoza and Moral Freedom

Spinoza and Moral Freedom guides the reader through Spinoza's principal ideas and powerful lines of reasoning, clearing up obscurities along the way, while acknowledging the genuine difficulties and gaps. ...

Plato on Justice and Power

Most commentaries on the Republic rush through Book I with embarrassment because the arguments of the participants, including Socrates, are specious. Beginning with Book II, the arguments are brilliant, ...

A History of Ancient Philosophy I

By Giovanni Reale
Edited and translated by John R. Catan
Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy

Beginning with the origins of Western philosophy, the profound creation of the Hellenic genius, Reale presents an appreciation of the Naturalists, the Sophists, Socrates, and the Minor Socratics.

Special ...

Creativity and Common Sense

Paul Weiss is one of the two or three most original and creative philosophers and metaphysicians in America today. Creativity and Common Sense reveals why. It contains fourteen recent articles on the ...

Formal, Transcendental, and Dialectical Thinking

This is a critical examination of the three types of logic advocated by current philosophical schools. Harris shows that certain basic presuppositions underlying the techniques of symbolic logic have ...

John Dewey's Theory of Art, Experience, and Nature

Thomas Alexander shows that the primary, guiding concern of Dewey's philosophy is his theory of aesthetic experience. He directly challenges those critics, most notably Stephen Pepper and Benedetto Croce, ...

Wisdom as Moderation

One of the great living philosophers sets forth his idea of philosophical wisdom as a mean between extremes in the philosophy of life and religion, with applications to ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, ...

Intuition and Reflection in Self-Consciousness

Nishida Kitaro's reformulation of the major issues of Western philosophy from a Zen standpoint of "absolute nothingness" and "absolutely contradictory self-identity" represents the boldest speculative ...

Wittgenstein: From Mysticism to Ordinary Language

Wittgenstein: From Mysticism to Ordinary Language presents the Tractatus as a work of mystic theology intended to direct the reader to a transcendental plane from which human existence can be viewed from ...