Process and Analysis

Whitehead, Hartshorne, and the Analytic Tradition

Edited by George W. Shields

Subjects: Analytical Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791455746, 272 pages, November 2002
Hardcover : 9780791455739, 272 pages, November 2002

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Table of contents




1. Introduction: On the Interface of Analytic and Process Philosophy
George W. Shields

2. The Promise of Process Philosophy
Nicholas Rescher

3. Whitehead and Wittgenstein: The Critique of Enlightenment and the Question Concerning Metaphysics
George R. Lucas Jr.


4. Disanalogies Between Space and Time
Richard M. Gale

5. Relational Particulars and Whitehead's Metaphysics
John W. Lango

6. Whitehead and the Analysis of the Propositional Function
James Bradley

7. Quine and Whitehead: Ontology and Methodology
Leemon McHenry

8. Response to Leemon McHenry
Willard Van Orman Quine

9. De Re Modality and the Ontological Argument
George L. Goodwin

10. The Second Epistemic Way
Billy Joe Lucas

11. The Logic of Future Contingents
George W. Shields and Donald W. Viney

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Leading thinkers from both traditions explore common philosophical topics.


Process and Analysis brings together an unprecedented collection of the world's leading contemporary process and analytic philosophers to explore philosophical topics of common interest. The contributors examine a wide variety of explicit and implicit commonalities and differences of approach to such central philosophical issues as the nature and status of events, time, space, relations, particulars, and God. This unique collection demonstrates that both traditions have important things to say to one another. In fact, a largely ignored conversation between the two traditions has been carried on since at least the days of Whitehead's influence on early Cambridge analytic philosophy. This long awaited volume is an invaluable research tool for scholars and students alike working in the areas of analytic and process philosophy.

George W. Shields is Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Division of Literature, Languages, and Philosophy at Kentucky State University. He is coeditor (with Mark H. Shale) of Science, Technology, and Religious Ideas.


"This book builds a needed bridge between process metaphysics and contemporary analytic philosophy. Even readers who are very familiar with either tradition will find the book interesting, because the contributors uncover connections that are surprising. Shields has done a great job of collecting authors who are up to the task. " — Daniel A. Dombrowski, author of Analytic Theism, Hartshorne, and the Concept of God