Analytical Philosophy

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Ethics of Writing

First English translation of Sini’s important work on the influence of writing and the alphabet on Western rationality.

Lacan, Language, and Philosophy

Clinical and philosophical perspectives on key issues and debates in Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Linguistic Philosophy

Explores the role language plays in the relationship between reality and utterance.

Before Logic

Argues that there is an undeniable and essentially historical dimension to logic.

Manifesto for Philosophy

Contra those proclaiming the end of philosophy, Badiou aims to restore philosophical thought to the complete space of the truths that condition it.

Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations

An imaginative and exciting exposition of major themes from Wittgenstein's mature philosophy.

Bradley and the Structure of Knowledge

Arguing against those who situate F. H. Bradley as a skeptic, mystic, or empiricist, this book makes a case for understanding his thought firmly in the tradition of rationalistic idealism.

A Theory of Textuality

This book is just what it says it is: A theory of textuality divided into two parts, logical and epistemological.