Convergence amidst Difference

Philosophical Conversations across National Boundaries

By Calvin O. Schrag

Subjects: Social Philosophy, Philosophy Of Communication, Metaphysics, Continental Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Paperback : 9780791462041, 109 pages, September 2004
Hardcover : 9780791462034, 109 pages, September 2004

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Table of contents


ESSAY I. Traces of Meaning and Reference: From Epistemology to Linguistics to Hermeneutics

ESSAY II. The Subject in Question and the Question about the Questioner

ESSAY III. The Recovery of the Phenomenological Subject: In Conversation with Ricoeur, Derrida, and Levinas

ESSAY IV. Postmodernism as a Problem for Metaphysics

ESSAY V. The Task of Philosophy for the New Millennium


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Engages contemporary European thought on a variety of philosophical topics.


Calvin O. Schrag, one of America's leading philosophers, traverses the literal and metaphysical boundaries of Bulgaria, England, France, Russia, and the Czech Republic and offers a new examination of hermeneutics, phenomenology, subjectivity, and transnational identity. He presents his notion of rationality—transversal rationality—with unusual clarity and simplicity, while encouraging the continuing philosophic dialogue of humankind across cultures.

Calvin O. Schrag is the George Ade Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Purdue University. He is the author of eight books, including Philosophical Papers: Betwixt and Between and the coeditor (with William L. McBride) of Phenomenology in a Pluralistic Context, both published by SUNY Press.