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Value, Beauty, and Nature

Argues that, to make progress within environmental ethics, philosophers must explicitly engage in environmental metaphysics.

Religious Atheism

Calls into question the traditional polarity of theism and atheism.

Evolutionary Emergence of Purposive Goals and Values

Develops and defends a philosophical account of meaning, purpose, and value in human life and
experience that is naturalistic without being reductionistic or scientistic.

The Philosophy of Change

An analysis of the philosophy of the Yijing in comparison to modern Western philosophies.

From Metaphysical Representations to Aesthetic Life

Reevaluates Western and Chinese philosophical traditions to question the boundaries of entrenched conceptual frameworks.

A Bastard Kind of Reasoning

Ranges widely and deeply across William Blake's oeuvre to show how his post-Newtonian vision of space-time anticipates Einsteinian relativity.

From Technological Humanity to Bio-technical Existence

Explores the relationship between technics and humanity, tracing the emergence of a bio-technical conception of existence in contemporary continental philosophy.

Process Mysticism

Offers a process philosophical approach to mysticism and mystical religious experience.

Event of Signature

In dialogue with Derrida, formulates a new philosophical problem - a complex aporia that underlines the topic of the handwritten as a sign of legal identification.

Schelling and Spinoza

Presents a novel interpretation of Schelling's philosophy by way of his reading and critique of Spinoza.

One over Many

Corrective intervention in Plato's metaphysics replacing the standard view of Plato as a metaphysical dualist with a novel and revolutionary paradigm of unitary pluralism in a single reality built on ontological diversity.

Sacred and Secular

Explores distinctions between the sacred and the secular in a variety of religious traditions, and proposes ways in which their relationship can be mutually beneficial.

D. G. Leahy and the Thinking Now Occurring

A critical introduction to the American philosopher D. G. Leahy (1937–2014), whose oeuvre sets forth a fundamental thinking in which change itself is revealed to be the very essence of reality and mind.

Being Measured

Advances an interpretation of Aristotle’s theory of truth in terms of accurate measurement.


Draws from twentieth-century French thought on film and aesthetics to address the philosophical significance of the pervasiveness of screens in contemporary technological life as well as the mutation of philosophy that such a pervasiveness seems to require.

On the Essence of Language

This important early Heidegger text sheds new light on his later focus on language.

Centering and Extending

An original metaphysical proposal building on classical and contemporary sources.


Presents strikingly original and contemporary answers to the most traditional philosophical problems in epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, and political theory.

Nature as Sacred Ground

Provides a metaphysical outlook for religious naturalism.

Religion among We the People

Explores democracy with religious freedom and its dependence on theism.

Complicated Presence

A synthetic assessment of Heidegger’s entire path of thinking as a radical attempt to thematize and rethink the fundamental notions of unity dominating the Western metaphysical tradition.

Manifesto of New Realism

Retraces the history of postmodern philosophy and proposes solutions to overcome its impasses.

Nihilism and Metaphysics

An assessment and reevaluation of nihilism’s ascendency over metaphysics.

Mothership Connections

Contributes a black Atlantic perspective to postmodernism, theology, and metaphysics.

The Orders of Nature

A systematic theory of naturalism, bridging metaphysics and the science of complexity and emergence.

Weak Thought

Foundational collection on one of the most influential concepts to emerge from contemporary Italian philosophy.

Essential Difference

Proposes a new way of understanding the nature of metaphysics, focusing on nonreductionist emergence theory, both in ancient and modern philosophy, as well as in contemporary philosophy of science.

The Other Plato

Collected writings on Plato’s unwritten teachings.

Modes of Learning

By George Allan
Subjects: Education

A highly accessible reading of Whitehead's writings on education and their connection to his metaphysics.

Aristotle's Concept of Chance

The first exhaustive study of Aristotle's concept of chance.

Whitehead's Philosophy

Demonstrates myriad points of connection between Whitehead's philosophy and mainstream philosophical traditions.

The William Desmond Reader

Career-spanning selections from the writings of William Desmond.

Creative Experiencing

A vigorous and wide-ranging defense of Hartshorne’s “neoclassical metaphysics” of creative freedom.

Existence and the Good

Argues that morals and politics require on a metaphysical backing and proposes a neoclassical metaphysics.

Philosophical Dialectics

A study in philosophical methodology aimed at providing a clear view of the scope and limits of philosophical inquiry.

Troubling Play

By Kelsey Wood
Subjects: Philosophy

This new interpretation of Plato's Parmenides emphasizes its treatment of time and language—insights especially relevant for those working in the Continental tradition.

The Active Life

A sustained reflection on philosopher John William Miller and the metaphysical presuppositions and implications of democracy.

Petrified Intelligence

A critical introduction to Hegel's metaphysics and philosophy of nature.

Convergence amidst Difference

Engages contemporary European thought on a variety of philosophical topics.


Edited by D. S. Clarke
Introduction by D. S. Clarke
Subjects: Philosophy

An anthology of readings in panpsychism, spanning two millennia.

What Happens to Us When We Think

By Michael Gelven
Subjects: Philosophy

Explores the transformation humans undergo when they do metaphysics.

Function, Selection, and Design

A complete sourcebook for philosophical discussion of the nature of function in biology.


An edited transcript of the great Harvard philosopher Josiah Royce's last year-long course in metaphysics, given at Harvard in 1915-1916.

Kierkegaard and the Concept of Revelation

Provides the first comprehensive interpretation of Kierkegaard's view of Christian revelation and demonstrates the central importance of that concept for understanding the development of his religious philosophy.

Perplexity and Ultimacy

Desmond explores perplexity regarding ultimacy--the metaphysical perplexity that precedes and exceeds scientific and commonsense curiosity.

Being and the Between

This is the culmination of a systematic metaphysics written by a world-class philosopher, demonstrating the need for a renewal of metaphysics.

The Path of Archaic Thinking

This is the first anthology of commentary on Sallis that shows what is genuinely unique in his thought: the transformative relation of reason and imagination in thinking "after Heidegger."

Metaphysics as Foundation

Edited by Paul A. Bogaard & Gordon Treash
Subjects: Philosophy

The essays in this book examine the proposition that an interpretation of subjects and subjectivity from the ontological perspective, first outlined by Alfred North Whitehead and elaborated by Ivor Leclerc, ...

Whitehead and Bradley

In his magnum opus, Process and Reality, Alfred North Whitehead claims a special affinity to Oxford philosopher Francis Herbert Bradley. McHenry clarifies exactly how much of Whitehead's metaphysics is ...

Plato and the Foundations of Metaphysics

By Hans Joachim Kramer
Edited and translated by John R. Catan
Subjects: Philosophy

This is a book about the relationship of the two traditions of Platonic interpretation -- the indirect and the direct traditions, the written dialogues and the unwritten doctrines. Kramer, who is the ...

Whitehead's Metaphysics of Creativity

Edited by Friedrich Rapp & Reiner Wiehl
Subjects: Philosophy

This book discusses the problems raised by Whitehead's metaphysics of creativity—metaphysics focused on dynamic becoming rather than on static being—and the proposed solutions to those problems. Whitehead ...

Metaphysics of Natural Complexes

During the past two decades Metaphysics of Natural Complexes has exerted a strong a growing influence on the continuing development of contemporary philosophy. This new and expanded edition acknowledges ...

Hypothesis and the Spiral of Reflection

This book describes a realist, fallibilist alternative when intuitionism and its psychocentric ontology are rejected. Weissman proposes an agenda for metaphysical inquiry and also a method for testing ...

The World View of Contemporary Physics

Edited by Richard F. Kitchener
Subjects: Philosophy

Although early twentieth century physics produced two revolutionary new conceptions of the nature of the physical universe—relativity theory and quantum theory—more recent developments in the physical ...

Reason and Justice

This is a finely argued, detailed, and comprehensive systematic theory of justice, brilliantly extending Hegelian ethics much as Rawls's Theory of Justice rehabilitated and extended classical Liberalism. ...


The author begins by distinguishing six fundamental issues on the metaphysics of individuality. He then proceeds to examine the relation among these issues and to demonstrate that ignorance of the interrelationships ...

The Puritan Smile

This book develops a contemporary metaphysics of morals. Currently the liberal tradition defines the field of moral and political theory. It contains the popular utilitarian, the deontological, and the ...

New Essays in Metaphysics

This volume displays fifteen of the many lively options in the field of metaphysics. The authors, having finished their formal education in the 1960s or later, belong to the generation of philosophers ...

Whitehead's Metaphysics of Extension and Solidarity

At the base of Whitehead's philosophy of organism is a vision of the solidarity of all final actualities. Each actuality is a discrete individual enjoying autonomous self-determination, yet each also ...

Averroes and the Metaphysics of Causation

By Barry S. Kogan
Subjects: Philosophy

Averroes and the Metaphysics of Causation examines the controversial causation issue. That causes produce their effects and can be known to do so is the view that Averroes defends in his Tahafut Al-Tahafut, ...

The Emergence of Whitehead's Metaphysics, 1925-1929

A breathtaking detective story, this book charts the adventure of Whitehead's ideas in a remarkably detailed and careful reconstruction of his metaphysical views. Incorporating heretofore unpublished ...

Reality and Empathy

By Alex Comfort
Subjects: Philosophy

Once in a century an overview shakes the mold of preconception and makes a world model fall into shape. This is such a book—absorbing, provocative, original, skeptical, and often very funny in spite ...

Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics

Stephen David Ross presents an extensive, detailed, and critical interpretation of Whitehead's mature thought, emphasizing the fundamental role of perspective in Whitehead's cosmology, and tracing the ...

Philosophical Mysteries

"This is my major thesis. Mystery is inherent in both the nature of things and the nature of rationality. I will sustain this thesis by a review of some of the central issues of philosophy to elucidate ...

The Epochal Nature of Process in Whitehead's Metaphysics

By F. B. Wallack
Subjects: Philosophy

"While my book attempts to reflect the full range of scholarly debate, I have also attempted to make it useful to anyone interested in Whitehead. To this end, I have introduced the Whiteheadian terms ...

The Concept of First Philosophy and the Unity of the Metaphysics of Aristotle

By Giovanni Reale
Edited and translated by John R. Catan
Subjects: Philosophy

Reale's monumental work establishes the exact dimensions of Aristotle's concept of first philosophy and proves the profound unity of concept that exists in Aristotle's Metaphysics. Reale's opposition ...

A Justification of Rationality

By John Kekes
Subjects: Philosophy

The aim of this book is to defend rationality against skepticism fideism, and irrationalism. Rationality is an ideal which represents the best in our civilization. The ideal, however, must be reaffirmed ...

Whitehead's Ontology

By John W. Lango
Subjects: Philosophy

An examination of Whitehead's metaphysics through a study of his Process and Reality.