SUNY series in Environmental Philosophy and Ethics

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Toward Environmental Wholeness

Offers a unified vision for approaching human ethical responses to what science is telling us about the crises facing our environment and climate.

Value, Beauty, and Nature

Argues that, to make progress within environmental ethics, philosophers must explicitly engage in environmental metaphysics.


Analyzes the different feelings, drives and instincts we have inherited from other species, to suggest a new understanding of ourselves as part of an eco-political community.

Ecology on the Ground and in the Clouds

Follows Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland as they travel together in South America and then go their separate ways, in the process illustrating two very different ways of understanding humanity's place in the natural world.

A World Not Made for Us

Proposes a nonanthropocentric reassessment of key themes and approaches in environmental philosophy

Mountains, Rivers, and the Great Earth

Engages the global ecological crisis through a radical rethinking of what it means to inhabit the earth.

Naturalizing Heidegger

Explores the evolution of Heidegger’s thinking about nature and its relevance for environmental ethics.

Philosophizing ad Infinitum

An original and insightful account of nature and our place in it from one of France's preeminent historians of philosophy.

Hans Jonas's Ethic of Responsibility

Articulates the fundamental importance of ontology to Hans Jonas’s environmental ethics.

Emplotting Virtue

A rich hermeneutic account of the way virtue is understood and developed.

Elemental Philosophy

Explores the ancient and perennial notion of the four elements as environmental ideas.


Examines the significance of animal environments in contemporary continental thought.

The Incompleat Eco-Philosopher

Collected essays present Weston’s pragmatic environmental philosophy, calling for reconstruction and imagination rather than deconstruction and analysis.

Rachel Carson

Leading scholars explore the full range and current significance of Carson’s work.

Understanding Gregory Bateson

Introduction to Gregory Bateson’s unique perspective on the relationship of humanity to the natural world.

An Ontology of Trash

A philosophical exploration of the problematic nature of the disposable.

Nature's Edge

Leading environmental thinkers investigate the complexities of boundary formation and negotiation at the heart of environmental problems.

The Incarnality of Being

A groundbreaking exploration of Heidegger and embodiment, from which a radical ethical perspective emerges.

With Respect for Nature

Explores how humans can take the lives of animals and plants while maintaining a proper respect both for ecosystems and for those who live in them.

Reinhabiting Reality

Argues that the environmental crisis is symptomatic of much deeper crises in modern civilization.

John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy

A comprehensive look at how John Dewey's ethics can inform environmental issues.

For Love of Matter

A bold and original work in ecocosmology and metaphysics.


Seeks to redraw the boundaries between the fields of geology and environmental philosophy.


Explores how continental philosophy can inform environmental ethics.

Land, Value, Community

Leading scholars critically assess the pioneering environmental philosophy of J. Baird Callicott.