SUNY series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

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More Studies in Ethnomethodology

Phenomenological analyses of the orderliness of naturally occurring collaboration.

The Idolatry of the Actual

Reinvigorates Jürgen Habermas’ early critical theory.

The Trauma Controversy

Provides multiple and accessible perspectives on trauma both as a condition and as a cultural phenomenon.

Postphenomenology and Technoscience

Maps the future of phenomenological thought, accounting for how technology expands our means of experiencing the world.

Getting Lost

Marks the trajectory of the author’s work as a feminist methodologist.


Critically engages the work of the philosopher Don Ihde.

Karl Popper and the Social Sciences

The first systematic treatment of Karl Popper’s contribution to the philosophy of the social sciences.

The Active Life

A sustained reflection on philosopher John William Miller and the metaphysical presuppositions and implications of democracy.

Convergence amidst Difference

Engages contemporary European thought on a variety of philosophical topics.

The Participating Citizen

An in-depth biography of the philosopher who brought phenomenology to the social sciences.

Practice and the Human Sciences

Argues that the technical model of practice has limited applicability for the practices of care (teaching, nursing, social work, and psychotherapy).

Marx and Whitehead

A reading of Marx's critique of capitalism through the lens of process philosophy.

Experiences between Philosophy and Communication

Leading scholars address the work of American philosopher Calvin O. Schrag.

Ricoeur's Critical Theory

The first book-length treatment of Paul Ricoeur's conception of philosophy as critical theory.

Articulated Experiences

Analyzes new social movements and their ramifications for social and political theory.

Between Reason and History

The first book-length treatment in English of Habermas’s theory of social evolution and progress.

Ricoeur as Another

Leading scholars address Paul Ricoeur's last major work, Oneself as Another.

Beyond Friendship and Eros

Explores deep intimate personal relationships between men and women.

Primal Scenes of Communication

Proposes a new theory of communication called "comparative media theory. "

Woodcutters and Witchcraft

Uncovers the methodological principles that govern interpretive change.

Art, Alienation, and the Humanities

Illustrates how Marcuse's theory sheds new light on current debates in both education and society involving issues of multiculturalism, postmodernism, civic education, the "culture wars," critical thinking, and critical literacy.

Dewey Reconfigured

Addresses recent perspectives central to the interpretation and criticism of Dewey’s philosophy.