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Working through Surveillance and Technical Communication

This book addresses contemporary surveillance practices and examines technical communicators' roles in carrying them out.

Welding Technical Communication

Explores the teaching and learning of welding through two narratives: the personal narrative, relating the author's experience as a woman learning how to weld, and the academic narrative examining how instructional communication informs students' embodied knowledge and enculturation into a community of practice.


Analyzes international and cultural relationships informed by "China," a category that is becoming ever more indispensable and yet unstable in everyday narratives.

Translating Buddhism

Explores key questions about translations and translators of South Asian Buddhist texts, past and present.

Joan Didion

Explores how Didion's nonfiction prose style, often lauded for being beautiful and poetic, also works rhetorically.

Bordered Writers

Examines innovative writing pedagogies and the experiences of Latinx student writers at Hispanic-Serving Institutions nationwide.

Dao and Sign in History

Provides a new perspective on important linguistic issues in philosophical and religious Daoism through the comparative lens of twentieth-century European philosophies of language.

The Room Is on Fire

By Susan Weinstein
Subjects: Education

Blends history and theory with practical descriptions of how spoken word poetry is taught and how to produce spoken word events.

On Self-Translation

A fascinating collection of essays and conversations on the changing nature of language.

Reflecting Pool

Edited by Laurence Carr
Subjects: General Interest

Both an anthology and an informal textbook that features poetry and essays by twenty-five New York State poets.

Getting Personal

Edited by Laura Gray-Rosendale
Subjects: Language Arts

Addresses how digital forms of personal writing can be most effectively used by teachers, students, and other community members.

Peaceful Persuasion

Offers a conceptual foundation for nonviolent rhetoric.

Green Voices

Essays addressing relatively unknown or unexamined speeches delivered by famous or influential environmental figures.

Creating Nonfiction

A diverse collection of essays and companion interviews that offer insight into the inspiration, drafting, and revision process.

The Lure of Literacy

Examines proposals for freshman composition’s abolition and reform while providing a new model for courses.

The Other Side of Pedagogy

Delineates Lacan’s theory of the four discourses as a practical framework through which faculty can reflect on where their students are, developmentally, and where they might go.

Letters to a Best Friend

A lively and intimate selection of letters on life, literature, and art from one of America’s finest prose stylists.

Borges, Second Edition

Expanded edition with new chapters and updates to the translation and bibliography.

Chinese through Song, Second Edition

An innovative approach to teaching Chinese language and culture, using folk and popular songs.

Vernacular Insurrections

By Carmen Kynard
Subjects: Education

Relates Black Freedom Movements to literacy education.

Zines in Third Space

Develops third-space theory by engaging with zines produced by feminists and queers of color.

Oral Arguments and Decision Making on the United States Supreme Court

How oral arguments influence the decisions of Supreme Court justices.


Edited by Andrew Blauner
Preface by David Duchovny
Foreword by Bill Bradley
Subjects: General Interest
Series: Excelsior Editions

Twenty-five celebrated writers share the encouraging words and timeless wisdom of the coaches who influenced their lives.

Active Voices

Explores the relationship between social movements and rhetorical theory and practice.

Hocak Teaching Materials, Volume 2

Second volume of instructional materials for learning the original Hochunk language, featuring entire texts and a CD.

Hocak Teaching Materials, Volume 1

Comprehensive bilingual dictionary of the Hochunk language.

Making Poems

Contemporary poets offer behind-the-scenes perspectives on the poetic process.

Measured Meals

Provides an alternative history of nutrition in the U.S. that focuses on the power of scientific language.

Composition and Copyright

Edited by Steve Westbrook
Introduction by Steve Westbrook
Subjects: Language Arts

Essential copyright resource for teachers and writers, particularly those involved in electronic or new media.

The Passionate Empiricist

Explores John Quincy Adams’s oratorical work in support of government-funded science.

Between Speaking and Silence

By Mary M. Reda
Subjects: Education

Explores the question of student silence from students’ perspectives and challenges the conventional wisdom about silent students.

Non-discursive Rhetoric

Examines the role of image and affect in teaching with new digital technologies and multimedia composition.

The Wound and the Witness

Explores the rhetorical functions of torture and the witnessing of torture in both classical texts and contemporary contexts.

Writing-Based Teaching

Edited by Teresa Vilardi & Mary K. Chang
Subjects: Education

Offers candid, first-hand accounts of what it is like to make writing central to teaching in secondary schools and colleges.

Logic as the Question Concerning the Essence of Language

Aims to transform logic into a reflection on the nature of language.

City of Rhetoric

Examines the relationship of civic discourse to built environments through a case study of the Cabrini Green urban revitalization project in Chicago.


Edited by Sidney I. Dobrin & Sean Morey
Subjects: Language Arts

Examines the rhetorical role of images in communicating environmental ideas.

Death in the Classroom

By Jeffrey Berman
Subjects: Psychology

Shows how death education can be brought from the healing professions to the literature classroom.

How the Gene Got Its Groove

Traces the rhetorical work of the gene in scientific and nonscientific discourse throughout the twentieth century.

The Way Literacy Lives

Challenges an autonomous model of literacy instruction in favor of one that recognizes and builds on students’ facility in navigating other rhetorical contexts.

Alterity and Narrative

Intertwines identity and culture to demonstrate how identity is negotiated over a given history.

Participation and Power

Takes a firsthand look at a case of public participation in environmental policy.

Teaching Writing with Latino/a Students

Engages the complexities of teaching Latino/a students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

Critical Power Tools

The first sourcebook for rethinking technical communication theory, practice, pedagogy, and research through a cultural studies lens.

Sins against Science

Recounts the fake news stories, written from 1830 to 1880, about scientific and technological discoveries, and the effect these hoaxes had on readers and their trust in science.

Dying to Teach

Affirms the power of writing to memorialize loss and work through grief.

The Function of Theory in Composition Studies

Offers an extended critique of key assumptions in composition theory and a new paradigm for thinking about writing in an increasingly globalized and textualized world.

Heidegger and Rhetoric

Leading scholars address Heidegger’s 1924 lecture course, “Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy. ”

Postmodern Sophistry

Edited by Gary A. Olson & Lynn Worsham
Afterword by Stanley Fish
Subjects: Language Arts

An intensive examination of the theoretical writings of cultural and literary critic Stanley Fish.

Trauma and the Teaching of Writing

Edited by Shane Borrowman
Subjects: Language Arts

Analyzing their own responses to national traumas, writing teachers question both the purposes and pedagogies of teaching writing.

The Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition

Interrogates the story of rhetoric promoted in standard historical accounts and reconsiders the relationship between rhetorical theory, practice, and pedagogy.

Rhetoric before and beyond the Greeks

Examines rhetorical practices in cultures and time periods that have received little attention to date.

Virtual Peer Review

Offers a thorough look at peer review in virtual environments.

The Realms of Rhetoric

Argues for a more theoretically-informed and cogent curricular space for rhetoric in the academy.

Writing Power

Adds to our understanding of the powerful nature of texts and writing.

Metaphor and Knowledge

Analyzing the power of metaphor in the rhetoric of science, this book examines the use of words to express complex scientific concepts.

Signifying Pain

Explores the therapeutic uses and effects of writing in a post-Freudian age.

City Comp

Edited by Bruce McComiskey & Cynthia Ryan
Foreword by Linda Flower
Subjects: Language Arts

An exploration of the diverse ways that writing is taught in some unique urban settings.

How the World Became a Stage

Argues that the experience of modernity is fundamentally spatial rather than subjective.

Justifying Belief

By Gary A. Olson
Foreword by Stanley Fish
Afterword by J. Hillis Miller
Subjects: Language Arts

The first in-depth study of Stanley Fish's nonliterary writings.

Traversing the Democratic Borders of the Essay

Extends the borders of essay scholarship by reading Latin American and Latino/a essayists alongside European and American ones.

Community Literacy Programs and the Politics of Change

An examination of community literacy programs--with an eye toward radical change.

Writing Inventions

A collection of instructional stories, research, and classroom applications for teachers who use computers in their writing instruction.

End of Story

Argues that the academy's obsession with language, and in particular with narrative, has become a sort of disease.

Terms of Work for Composition

By Bruce Horner
Foreword by John Trimbur
Subjects: Language Arts

A cultural materialist critique of six key terms used in composition studies to define its work.

Advances in African Linguistics

A selection of papers presented at the 28th Annual Conference on African Linguistics.

Perspectives on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property in a Postmodern World

Edited by Lise Buranen & Alice M. Roy
Foreword by Andrea Lunsford
Subjects: Language Arts

Offers a wealth of thinking about the complex and often contradictory definitions surrounding the concepts of plagiarism and intellectual property.

The Resistant Writer

A cultural history of the origins of composition studies that sheds new light on contemporary debates regarding the role of rhetoric in student transformation.


Edited by Jan Zlotnik Schmidt
Subjects: Language Arts

Presents autobiographical visions of women writing teachers--their intertwined lives as professionals, feminists, writers, instructors, and colleagues.

Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition

Eminent scholars discuss the politics and practices of generating scholarship in rhetoric and composition studies.

A Theory of Phrase Markers and the Extended Base

Addresses questions of phrase structure and theoretical architecture within a principles and parameters framework.

Translating by Factors

By emphasizing, using English-German examples, the notion of factor set, this book fosters the awareness that successful and adequate translation requires properly accounting for the pertinent translation ...

Prepositions and Complement Clauses

Provides a pioneering and data-oriented investigation of the syntax and semantics of important prepositional complementation patterns dependent on the prepositions in, to, at, on, with, and of in present-day English.

Teachers, Discourses, and Authority in the Postmodern Composition Classroom

Examines the teacher’s role and the teacher’s authority in postmodern academic settings.

Zen in the Art of Rhetoric

Explores relationships between classical and contemporary approaches to rhetoric and their connection to the underlying assumptions at work in Zen Buddhism.

Commitment in Dialogue

Develops a logical analysis of dialogue in which two or more parties attempt to advance their own interests. It includes a classification of the major types of dialogues and a discussion of several important informal fallacies.

Philosophy of the Sign

This book presents a coherent philosophy of signs without postulating objects to which they refer or meanings which they express.

Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology

This is the first complete theory of the morphology of language, a compendium of information on morphological categories and operations.

Dyke Ideas

Dyke Ideas is a passionate and insightful contribution to lesbian philosophy. The main value is wimmin—women separate from men and men's inventions. "Craziness," guilt, competition, sex, and other topics ...

Understanding Language Acquisition

How is language acquisition possible? How is it that humans, within a few years of birth, can speak and understand language, transcending both its limited experience and biological limitations?

In this ...

Gaps in Nature

This book is a study of the relation between cognitive linguistics and literary theory. Theory of literary interpretation is reinterpreted in terms of current debate in cognitive science. While research ...


Esperanto, spoken by thousands of people across the world, is the most successful international language project. In this book, the French linguist and literary critic Pierre Janton describes the history ...

Morphology Now

Several distinct general linguistic theories are represented here: autolexical theory, categorial grammar, functional grammar, and government and binding syntax. Each essay in this book is centered around ...

Aristotelian Logic and the Arabic Language in Alfarabi

This book explores the reaction of tenth-century Arab philosopher Abu Nasr Alfarabi to the logical works of Aristotle. From numerous short treatises the author develops a systematic and comprehensive ...


Battistella traces the development of markedness theory as a central part of structuralist theories of language. He outlines the concepts of marked and unmarked from Prague School structuralism to present ...

On the Logic of Ordinary Conditionals

On the Logic of Ordinary Conditionals offers a formal treatment of the logic of a type of conditional found in natural speech which differs substantially from the material conditional of propositional ...

On Monosemy

In this book, the author argues that words should be presumed initially to be monosemic: having a single, highly abstract meaning. Semantic research should first seek a unitary meaning, resorting to polysemy, ...

Complementation and Case Grammar

This book offers a new and compendious account of important verbal patterns in present-day English. Serving as a central source of data, it updates and refines earlier research contributing to the syntactic ...

Theoretical Perspectives on Native American Languages

American linguistics has a tradition of finding unique and important insights from studies of Native American languages, often leading to innovations in current theories. At the same time, research on ...

Informal Lectures on Formal Semantics

This book is an introduction to the current developments in model-theoretic semantics, which has become an essential part of the work in theoretical linguistics over the last decade. The author examines ...

The Science of Linguistics in the Art of Translation

Drawing from more than two hundred examples representing twenty-two languages of wide genetic and typological variety, the author guides the reader through a broad collection of situations encountered ...

Dependency Syntax

This work presents the first sustained examination of Dependency Syntax. In clear and stimulating analyses Mel'cuk promotes syntactic description in terms of dependency rather than in terms of more familiar ...

Principles of Deductive Logic

Clear focus on its application of formal logic to ordinary English is the most distinctive feature of this textbook for the introductory course in deductive logic. Great care is taken with the appropriate ...

An Integrated Theory of Autosegmental Processes

This volume resolves an inconsistency that has arisen in the autosegmental theory of phonology and morphology - some versions of this theory allow a single distinctive feature to be duplicated on more ...

Teaching Writing

This anthology explores the relationship between feminism and writing theory. The chapters cover the major issues: basic pedagogical theory and philosophical approaches to the teaching of writing, studies ...

Studies of Passive Clauses

In this work, Paul M. Postal supports the universalist theory of language by examining passive clauses. Contrary to a skeptical tradition, Postal argues that passive clauses are cross-linguistically identifiable ...

Using Language

In a pioneer study of how language is actually used, Dr. Kearns combines the rigor of formal logic with a detailed analysis of natural language patterns. Through this double focus, he develops artificial ...

Language and the Sexes

In a highly readable and lively text, the authors explore the way language mirrors our cultural assumptions, especially those concerned with gender distinctions. Focusing on contemporary issues, they ...

Semiotics and Linguistic Structure

This book is devoted to elementary formal logic and metalogic, and their applications to language.