Welding Technical Communication

Teaching and Learning Embodied Knowledge

By Jo Mackiewicz

Subjects: Technical Communication, Communication, English, Writing, Adult/continuing Education
Series: SUNY series, Studies in Technical Communication
Hardcover : 9781438488516, 244 pages, June 2022
Paperback : 9781438488523, 244 pages, December 2022

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Table of contents


Introduction: Welding as Embodied Technical Knowledge

1. Situating the Study

2. A Mixed-Method Approach

3. Teaching Core Components of Welding

4. Teaching Expert Perception

5. Developing and Maintaining Students' Motivation

Conclusion: Teaching and Learning Embodied Technical Knowledge

Appendix A: Informative Interview Questions for Teachers

Appendix B: Postinteraction Interview Questions for Teachers and Students

Appendix C: Informed Consent Form for Welding Teachers and Welding Students

Appendix D: Solicitation Message for Students


Explores the teaching and learning of welding through two narratives: the personal narrative, relating the author's experience as a woman learning how to weld, and the academic narrative examining how instructional communication informs students' embodied knowledge and enculturation into a community of practice.


Welding Technical Communication explores the teaching and learning of welding through two narratives. The personal narrative relates the author’s experience as a woman learning how to weld. The academic narrative draws upon scaffolded learning theory to examine how four welding teachers’ verbal and nonverbal communication—their tutoring strategies and their gestures—facilitated students’ embodied knowledge and enculturation into a community of practice. This book fills a gap in technical communication research: we do not fully understand how teachers’ pedagogical technical communication scaffolds students’ learning within the skilled trades. Novel in its approach and coverage, Welding Technical Communication will interest researchers in technical communication and technical education.

Jo Mackiewicz is Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Communication at Iowa State University.


"Welding Technical Communication breaks new ground by examining how embodied knowledge develops through technical education, interaction, instruction, and mentoring." — Hilary A. Sarat-St. Peter, Columbia College Chicago