SUNY series in Constructive Postmodern Thought

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Mothership Connections

Contributes a black Atlantic perspective to postmodernism, theology, and metaphysics.

Whitehead's Philosophy

Demonstrates myriad points of connection between Whitehead's philosophy and mainstream philosophical traditions.

Physics and Whitehead

Leading scholars explore the connections between quantum physics and process philosophy.

Higher Education in the Making

Argues for a pragmatic canon always in need of renovation.

Process and Difference

Leading scholars explore the relationship between deconstructive theory and process thought.

The End of Modern Medicine

Proposes a radically reconfigured medical model centered on mind-body interaction.

Postmodernism and Public Policy

Develops a naturalistic postmodern perspective to make constructive proposals about a wide range of topics now in public discussion.

Living and Value

Based on an ecologically inspired wordview, defends ethics against skepticism and irrealism.

World in Process

Shows how modern physics supports basic claims of process philosophy.

Religion and Scientific Naturalism

Articulates a metaphysical position capable of rendering both science and religious experience simultaneously and mutually intelligible.

Spiritual Titanism

A comparative philosophical consideration of the extremes of humanism, or "Titanism," this book critiques trends in Eastern and Western philosophy and examines solutions to them.

The Tacit Mode

Explores the thought of twentieth-century philosopher Michael Polanyi.

Knowing and Value

Offers a postmodern theory of knowledge based on an ecological worldview that stresses real relations and the pervasiveness of values.

A Society Fit for Human Beings

Argues for a humanistic cultural reformation to counter our materialistic values and science-dominated intellectual life and shows how this would affect our lives and transform our society.

Kazantzakis and God

Examines the concept of God which emerges from the writings of Nikos Kazantzakis and argues that he was a process theist.

Transforming Human Culture

Explains how human social evolution has led both to worthwhile achievements and moral horrors and provides perspective on today's planetary crisis by viewing it as a transition within the larger picture ...

Parapsychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality

Examines why parapsychology has been held in disdain by scientists, philosophers, and theologians, explores the evidence for ESP, psychokinesis, and life after death, and suggests that these phenomena provide support for a meaningful postmodern spirituality.

Earth Summit Ethics

An international group of environmental philosophers and educators propose ways universities can produce and promote ecological literacy and environmental ethics.

Jewish Theology and Process Thought

Presents essays by Jewish thinkers who have found process thought to be a useful framework for contemporary Jewish thought and a set of conversations between Jewish and Christian thinkers on the appropriateness of process thought for Judaism and Christianity.

Being and Value

This book shows the vital relationship between human life and the philosophical placement of value, emphasizing the now-occurring transition from the old mechanical world view to the postmodern alternative inspired by ecology.

The Social Self in Zen and American Pragmatism

This is the first book on East-West comparative thought to critically analyze the Zen Buddhist model of self in modern Japanese philosophy from the standpoint of American pragmatism.

Postmodern Politics for a Planet in Crisis

Argues that the planetary crisis, which has been produced by modernity, demands a postmodern politics.

Ecological Literacy

The most important discoveries of the 20th century exist not in the realm of science, medicine, or technology, but rather in the dawning awareness of the earth's limits and how those limits will affect ...

The Ignorant Perfection of Ordinary People

This book examines how the spiritual longings of ordinary people have shaped the most progressive political and cultural movements of the twentieth century and given birth to a new postmodern perspective ...