Process and Difference

Between Cosmological and Poststructuralist Postmodernisms

Edited by Catherine Keller & Anne Daniell

Subjects: Theology
Series: SUNY series in Constructive Postmodern Thought
Paperback : 9780791452882, 272 pages, April 2002
Hardcover : 9780791452875, 272 pages, May 2002

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Table of contents

Introduction to SUNY Series in Constructive Postmodern Thought


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Preface by Anne Daniell

Introduction: The Process of Difference, the Difference of Process
Catherine Keller

1. The Roots of Postmodernism: Schelling, Process Philosophy, and Poststructuralism
Arran Gare

2. Process and Chaosmos: The Whiteheadian Fold in the Discourse of Difference
Catherine Keller

3. Whitehead, Deconstruction, and Postmodernism
Luis G. Pedraja

4. Whitehead and the Critique of Logocentrism
Joseph A. Bracken, S. J.

5. Unconforming Becomings: The Significance of Whitehead's Novelty and Butler's Subversion for the Repetitions of Lesbian Identity and the Expansion of the Future
Christina K. Hutchins

6. Figuring Subjectivity for Grounded Transformations: A Critical Comparison of Rosi Braidotti's and John Cobb's Figurations
Anne Daniell

7. Processing Henry Nelson Wieman: Creative Interchange among Naturalism, Postmodernism, and Religious Valuing
Carol Wayne White

8. A Whiteheadian Chaosmos? Process Philosophy from a Deleuzean Perspective
Tim Clark

9. De-Ontologizing God: Levinas, Deleuze, and Whitehead
Roland Faber

10. Beyond Conversation: The Risks of Peace
Isabelle Stengers


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Leading scholars explore the relationship between deconstructive theory and process thought.


The similarities and creative tensions between French-based poststructuralism and Whiteheadian process thought are examined here by leading scholars. Although both approaches are labeled "postmodern," their own proponents often take them to be so dissimilar as to be opposed. Contributors to this book, however, argue that processing these differences of theory at a deeper level may cultivate fertile and innovative modes of reflection. Through their comparisons, contrasts, and hybridizations of process and poststructuralist theories, the contributors variously redefine concepts of divinity and cosmos, advance the interaction between science and religion, and engage the sex/gender and religious ethics of otherness and subjectivity.

At Drew University, Catherine Keller is Professor of Constructive Theology and Anne Daniell is a doctoral candidate. Catherine Keller is the author of Apocalypse Now and Then: A Feminist Guide to the End of the World andFrom a Broken Web: Separation, Sexism, and Self.


"Keller and Daniell break astonishingly new ground with this volume. North American process theology and philosophy are unlikely to remain the same after this collection. " — Darren J. N. Middleton, author of Novel Theology: Nikos Kazantzakis's Encounter with Whiteheadian Process Theism

"This is a truly pioneering work. Individual authors have explored the theoretical convergence of process and post-structuralist thought, but this volume demonstrates that a number of very competent philosophers and theologians are exploring this field, opening up many avenues for future work. These writers don't deny that differences persist between 'constructive' and 'deconstructive' postmodern trajectories, but by reinterpreting each side of the conversation, they suggest many possible points of agreement and mutually beneficial influence. " — Don H. Compier, author of What is Rhetorical Theology?: Textual Practice and Public Discourse