Changing Roles of State Intervention in Services in an Era of Open International Markets

Edited by Yair Aharoni

Subjects: Business And Government
Series: SUNY series in International Management
Paperback : 9780791432280, 333 pages, March 1997
Hardcover : 9780791432273, 333 pages, March 1997

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Introduction: To Liberalize or to Protect? A Major Dilemma for Governments
Yair Aharoni

Part I. The Changing Role of Government

1. Changing Role of Government in Services
Yair Aharoni

2. Governmental Intervention in Services: A Cultural Specificity / Information Technology Framework
Karin Fladmoe-Lindquist

3. Effects of Regionalism on Industrial Policies
Jack N. Behrman

Part II. Privatization and Deregulation

4. The Political and Fiscal Logic of Service Privatization in Developing Countries
William Ascher

5. Privatization and Deregulation of Telecommunications: The Latin American Experience
Ravi Ramamurti

Part III. The Evolution of Mature Industry

6. Advertising Services in an Era of Open International Markets
Peter Daniels

7. The Changing International Insurance Industry
Nicos Scordis and Frances Katrishen

8. Management Consulting
Yair Aharoni

9. Home Countries' Effects on the Competitive Position of Advertising Agencies: Contrasting Success and Failure
Lilach Nachum

Part IV. The Evolution of Service Industries from Domestic Monopoly

10. Transnational Corporations and the Emerging Global Media Markets
Aurelio Parisotto

11. The Data Communication Services Industry
Knud Erik Skouby and Anders Henten

Part V. Games Businesses Play

12. Sovereign Business: How Norwegian Shipowners Faced Changing International Competition
Helge Hveem

About the Contributors


Addresses the issues involved in the globalization of services and the resulting changing role of government.


Growth in the services sector has far outpaced the knowledge available to global managers and government officials. Forced to constantly redefine their roles in the face of massive technological changes and a myriad of regional and worldwide trade agreements, these leaders require up-to-date research and analysis in order to make effective decisions and to remain competitive.

This book examines the globalization of the service industry and the radical alteration that this has caused to the role of government. It will be helpful to managers in service industries who wish to learn more about changes in the environment in which they operate, and it also is essential reading for government officials who deal with the services sector.

Written by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field, the book surveys the structure and evolution of several industries and evaluates the different governmental roles that each has necessitated. Contributors include: William Ascher, Jack Behrman, Peter Daniels, Karin Fladmoe-Lindquist, Helge Hveem, Frances Katrishen, Lilach Nachum, Aurelio Parisotto, Ravi Ramamurti, Nicos Scordis, Knud Erik Skouby, and Yair Aharoni

Yair Aharoni is J. Paul Sticht Visiting Professor of International Business at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.