Transitions to Competitive Government

Speed, Consensus, and Performance

By Ronald B. Cullen & Donald P. Cushman

Subjects: Business And Government
Series: SUNY series, Human Communication Processes
Paperback : 9780791446584, 334 pages, August 2000
Hardcover : 9780791446577, 334 pages, September 2000

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Table of contents

List of Exhibits

1. Government in Crises

Part I. A Vision to Guide Government Reform

2. Lessons from Business

3. The Management of Transitions to National Competitiveness

4. Implementation Strategies for Competitive Government

5. Responding to External Pressures: Value-Chain Coalignment and the Delivery of Government Services

6. Leadership Strategies for Transforming Governmental Competitiveness

Part II. A Management Platform for Government Change

7. The Challenge of Transition

8. Planning and Evaluation Strategies for Competitive Government

9. Reinventing and Reengineering Government Management Systems and Values

10. Resource Management Strategies for Competitive Government

11. Governance Systems and Management Reform

Part III. Benchmarking the Transition to Competitive Government

12. Managing Transitions to National Competitiveness


Describes how private-sector management strategies can help governments obtain greater access to global resources, create more jobs, and provide better social services to their citizens.


Transitions to Competitive Government demonstrates how government can add value to a region, a nation, a state, its citizens, and their social values through speed, consensus, and performance. It does this in three stages. First, it shows competitive government to be entrepreneurial in seeking resources, jobs, and social services. Second, it provides case studies that offer examples of the challenges faced, strategies utilized, and implementing processes employed by various levels of government. Third, it explicates a global benchmarking process for evaluating government reforms and their progress in yielding increased competitiveness.

Ronald B. Cullen is CEO of Performance Management Solutions, Australia. Donald P. Cushman is CEO of The Cushman Group and Professor Emeritus of Communication, University at Albany, State University of New York. He has written many books, including High-Speed Management and Organizational Communication in the 1990s: A Reader, coedited with Sarah Sanderson King, also published by SUNY Press.


"An important book. Cullen and Cushman offer models and tools particularly suited for the political realities of the public sector environment." — Susanne R. Morris, Management Training and Development Institute, Washington, D.C.

"Cullen and Cushman present a comprehensive description of the major global trends and governmental, technological, economic, and social pressures that are now affecting all nations, with an astute analysis of the emerging framework within which all governments are now attempting to transition into new formats of management. Utilizing models from private sector management theory, the authors suggest sweeping reforms needed by government management to meet new challenges of competition and performance expectations, presenting detailed strategies for accomplishing those reforms." — Richard J. Dieker, Western Michigan University